02:26 GMT14 August 2020
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    The chairman of Germany’s The Left party and member of the Bundestag, Sahra Wagenknecht, bluntly accused the West, and the US in particular, of creating a Daesh “monster” by waging wars in the Middle East.

    On Monday Wagenknecht told Germany's DPA news agency that the Daesh militant group would have had no chance of becoming so large and constituting a threat to world peace if not for US foreign policy and the way it has destabilized Syria.

    "There would have been no IS [Daesh] if there was no war in Iraq," she explained. "The organization would not have been so strong if not for bombardments of Libya and destabilization in Syria. The West, first of all the United States, has made this monster bigger by their wars,"

    The politician criticized Germany for protecting the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle earlier in December. She compared Germany's support for French airstrikes in Syria with the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, saying it is hypocritical to draw a line between civilian deaths in the Middle East and those in developed countries.

    "Of course it is no less of a crime to murder innocent civilians in Syria with bombs than it is to shoot them in Parisian restaurants and concert halls," Wagenknecht stated.

    Germany has traditionally been cautious about being engaged in military missions abroad. The country has consistently maintained that its military would not join the airstrikes currently being carried out by Russia and the US-led coalition. Wagenknecht has previously spoken in opposition of Germany's participation in the war.  


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