16:45 GMT04 March 2021
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    The US Navy's USS Carney destroyer has reportedly begun tracking Russia's Moskva missile cruiser, which provides air defenses for the Russian mission in Syria.

    The Moskva missile cruiser, which provides air cover for Hmeymim air base in Syria, is being tracked by the US Navy's USS Carney, the Russian military television channel Zvezda reported.

    Russia stepped up its air defense measures in Syria after one of its jets was shot down by Turkey on November 24. Two Turkish submarines, the Dolunay and the Burakreis, began tracking the ship on November 30, according to the channel.

    "The ship came from neutral waters south of Cyprus," the channel reported.

    The Russian cruiser was based in the Mediterranean sea as part of the Russian Navy's Mediterranean Flotilla, and moved closer to the Syrian coast on November 25. The cruiser is equipped with the Fort air defense system, which is the naval analogue of the S-300 in terms of capability.

    The USS Carney is a destroyer launched in 1993, which is said to be equipped with an Aegis ballistic missile system.

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