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    US President Barack Obama and his French counterpart Francois Hollande hold a press conference at the White House in Washington, DC, on November 24, 2015

    Turkey Has Right to Defend Its Territory, Airspace - Obama

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    US President Barack Obama said that the US top priority in the wake of the incident with the Russian combat jet downed by the Turkish air force is to make sure that it does not lead to escalation.

    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — Turkey has a right to defend its territory and airspace, but Turkish and Russian leaders need to communicate in order to determine exactly what led to the downing of a Russian Su-24 jet, US President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

    "Turkey, like every country, has a right to defend its territory and its airspace," Obama stated. "I think it’s very important right now for us to make sure that both the Russians and the Turks are talking to each other to find out exactly what happened."

    Also Obama stated that the US top priority in the wake of the incident with the Russian combat jet downed by the Turkish air force is to make sure that it does not lead to escalation.

    “I think it’s very important for us right now to make sure that both the Russians and the Turks are talking to each other, find out exactly what happened and take measures to discourage any kind of escalation,” Obama said. “My top propriety is going to be to ensure that this does not escalate.”



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    • sophm0e38
      It can only defend its airspace not Syria's.
    • It was shot over Syria and even if the plane had been in turkey's space....it's well knows that the plane is in a counter-terrorism mission (so not a danger at all for turkey..).
    • avatar
      President Barak Obama, do you not have a little bit of brains ??? no you don't have. Syria has the right to down all USA air craft witch are killing there people !! Your country is not invited from the Syrian government. The USA are War crime soldier's
    • avatar
      The radar tracking data released by NATO shows the SU-24 flying over the very tip of Turkey that juts into Syria. The plane would have only been in Turkish airspace for a few minutes. The reports from Turkey are that visual contact was not made, so that means the missiles were fired from at least 30-40 kilometers. The flight time of the missile would be around 30 seconds. Most likely the missiles were fired while the SU-24 was in Turkish airspace, but the plane had already departed Turkish airspace when the missiles reached their target. That raises a lot of legal questions that will have to be addressed. Regardless of legality, it was rather rash for Turkey to do that. Hopefully the situation can be deescalated quickly. God be with the families of the pilots killed. They didn't deserve that fate.
    • Hagbard Celine
      How can you tell Obama is lying ?

      When his lips are moving.
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      coolerheadsin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)

      Syria may have the legal right to shoot at U.S. planes, but they don't have the technical ability to do so and live to tell about it. It would be like a Chihuahua trying to attack a Doberman that wandered into its yard.
    • avatar
      What a piss poor comment to make! Would that it were an American instead that is eating sand right now.
    • avatar
      For Tobi Gelando:
      The President of the United States does have brains, but they are the brains of an opportunist and very gross hypocrite.
    • avatar
      Turkey HAS to be bombed and Turks massacred. This was intentional otherwise the ejected airmen would have been captured and made an example out of. Turkey is a debauched Asian nation that is deluded into believing it is European. What would the US have done if Belarus or Armenia would have shot one of its planes down? Not bombing Turkey will give an incentive to all other terrorists to freely target Russian war planes. Teach Turks the lesson of their lives and warn the US to stay away. Besides, Turkey's rationale of protecting Syrians of Turkish descent opens the door for Russia to bomb Ukraine on the pretext of protecting Ukrainians of Russian descent (rhetorically speaking).
    • avatar
      porkmuncherin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, Ditto with Russia vs Turkey the fledgling doesn't stand a chance against the eagle!
    • Baybars
      Barak Obama says his only concern is to make Russia and Turkey are talking and to make sure this does not escalate. Apart from the hypocrisy of this man I would suggest that the conversations between Russia and Turkey are already taking place and it's none of Americas business unless they are defacto declaring war on Russia along with Turkey.

      Russia has eaten western crap for far too long for Mr. Putin to take this laying down. Heck, Russia and Turkey had, for a while a pipeline agreement going on but I cannot see that coming to maturity now. How the Turkish people will suffer now is anybodys guess but what ever happens between Russia and Turkey from here on in is all Erdogans fault.
    • jaodernein garshinvic
      Greece has the same right and Turkey planes constantly violate the Greek air space.
      Let's give S-400 to Greece !!!!
    • avatar
      The black is a sinister puppet in the hands of the occult power that maneuver the pigs neocons. Lame duck and plucked ....
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      Elsa JV
      God knows, judgment day is coming for Obama and his stooges.

      Common Obama, shame the devil and for once in your miserable life tell the truth, Turkey was dead wrong, and there is no denying that fact, even your lies will fall short.
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      Elsa JVin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)
      tobi.gelando, The concept of Obama and brain is incompatible.

      Obama does not have integrity, but that is typical of someone of his caliber -- unable to see or speak the truth -- even if it kicks him in the face.
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      Elsa JVin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, "The plane would have only been in Turkish airspace for a few minutes."

      Not minutes, 17 seconds -- according to Turkey . . .
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      Elsa JVin reply tocoolerheads(Show commentHide comment)
      coolerheads, I think you severely underestimate the power of the Russians or you overestimate the power of the U.S.

      Often the final resolve of a nation lies in its heart and soul! God take the side of the just -- in history sometimes He was late according to human calculations but in the end God is always on time.

      You better pray to God that they do not start an armed conflict, with the kind of weapons in Russian and American arsenals, mankind would be wiped from the earth.
    • avatar
      as it looks, USA is involved in this case, because what really they want this kind of problem to make for RUSSIA.
    • avatar
      And humans have a right to defend themselves against a Uretic Shrewdness of Apes
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