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    Putin Questions Where US Weapons Deliveries to Syria Actually End Up

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    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)

    There is no guarantee that US weapons and ammunition deliveries to the Free Syrian Army would not fall into the hands of ISIL, according to Russia's president.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The United States admitted that the military campaign of arming the moderate Syrian opposition has failed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Monday, asking where the weapons Washington is still delivering are going to now.

    "Now they announced that they are supplying the Free Syrian Army with weapons, ammunition. Where is this Free Syrian Army? If they just unload and throw these arms, weapons and ammunition out of air, where is the guarantee that it would not fall into the hands of ISIL [Islamic State militant group] like it was during preparation of another makeup of the Syrian army?," Putin said.

    "The United States itself admitted that the campaign failed, and now they just throw around arms and ammunition? For whom? This is not a rhetorical question," the Russian leader said.

    Putin stressed that Russia's actions in Syria, unlike those of the US-led coalition, are fully in line with the international law.


    Russia Versus ISIL in Syria (618)


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      Putin should remain on the political external arena. Find trade for Russia. And much more.

      Let the military solve and deal with Syria itself. They know what to do. Anyone bearing arms and caches, not been the Syrian army, OR sanction by Damascus, is fair game. ONLY Syrian army can operate in Syria. First the north was of FSA. Now they claim it was taken by Kurd's, with U.S air support . They attacked and killed the Syrian army, at Israel's request.
      IF I was in Putin's shoes.. I go everywhere.When they look for me to talk, I go fishing, or riding a horse... Whatever and sleep... Take a small vacation. Putin done so much for Russia he deserve some R&R, here and then.
      About some saying he mafioso.. Or stole cash.. Putin have no need. He can just ask, the people WILL give it.. Like in Soviet days. Because, everyone see what he's done. There are others. Including in parliament.
      So go enjoy life a bit.
    • Mikhas
      "Intercept" the B-stards next time and vaporize the stuff before it hit´s the ground. At least a spectacular but costly (for the US-Nazi´s) firework!
    • Terrain reply toMikhas (Show commentHide comment)
      That would be cool and i hope that Russia will record it as well.
    • Terra
      There is 100% guarantee that u.s weapons and ammunition deliveries to the Free Syrian Army will fall into the hands of ISILLY!

      I've rephrase the above for you Sputnik since you made an mistake here and there and you are welcome ^^
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      Want2B Wiseguy
      Seeing "international law" as the highest law of the land is a mistake. Any "international law" that disregards God's perfect unchanging rules is an illusion, and they don't work, as America proves on a routine basis. Also as the blue helmeted sex slave drivers of the United Nations prove.
      International law that allows the breaking of God's true law is based on a broken illusory foundation and is null and void. The only way to beat these devils and the demons possessing them is with God's help.
    • avatar
      The US gave the Syrian rebels 46 brand new Toyota Trucks which are now being used by ISIS terrorists. The 50 tons of arms dropped by the Great Satan last week will also end up in the hands of the terrorists.

      The United States is a terrorist and it supports other terrorists all over the world.
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