21:12 GMT26 July 2021
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    Israel's decision to begin oil exploration in the annexed Golan Heights is a pre-election move organized by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said Syrian political commentator Ali Ahmad.

    The Government of Israel on Friday issued a license to a US company to explore oil in the annexed Golan Heights territory, which from the point of view of international law belongs to Syria.

    “It is not the first time Israel has violated international law. They are having elections right now, and this is a message to the Israeli government to tell their public that they are tough and that they can do whatever they want. This is an internal message that Netanyahu sends the nation of Israel that they can supposedly produce oil or gas in the Golan Heights,” Syrian political commentator Ali Ahmad told RIA Novosti.

    Ali Ahmad expressed that Syria's position should be made clear that captured Golan Heights must be freed and the international community must take action in this regard.

    He stressed that Syria is protecting its sovereignty. According to the expert, Israel's actions related to the Golan Heights "is a project of the United States and England."

    Political analyst and expert on the Golan Ayman Abu Jabal, in turn, told Sputnik Arabic that Israel took advantage of the conflict in Syria and the fact that the Syrian government is fully occupied with the fight against terrorist groups.

    Israel endorsed the company Afek Oil which is controlled by American Genie Energy Company to start oil exploration in the occupied region of the Golan Heights. Jabal also expressed that Israel is violating international law as the resources on the territory of the Golan Heights belong to the Syrian people.

    The analyst added that oil exploration will result in irreversible damage to the environment including artesian water sources.


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