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    Political Crisis in Venezuela (579)

    The ongoing political crisis in Venezuela started on 23 January, when opposition leader Juan Guaido declared himself the interim president of the country amid the latest round of widespread anti-government protests.

    The Venezuelan ambassador to Russia, when commenting on the current turmoil in the country, stated that there would be no snap election in the country, as it is inappropriate.

    "As for some new elections, which the West demands from us, they are inappropriate. We have already re-elected deputies and governors, held presidential elections and did all this in accordance with our Constitution", the diplomat said in an interview with the Russia 24 TV channel.

    The statement comes after Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell urged Venezuela to hold early elections, stressing that the European Union should form a position on this issue as soon as possible.

    Amid rallies in support of Juan Guaido, the United States urged Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to step down and let Guaido assume the presidency. In turn, Maduro has claimed that Washington attempted to stage a coup d'etat in Venezuela and decide to cut off diplomatic ties with the United States.

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    Guaido's interim presidency has been supported by around a dozen countries, mostly Latin American ones, but the United States as well, and denounced by others.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has commented on the situation, stressing that recent events in Venezuela were a gross violation of the country's sovereignty and blamed the United States for interfering.

    Political Crisis in Venezuela (579)


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