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    US 'War on Terror' in Numbers

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    US 'War on Terror' in Numbers
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    Following the 9/11 terrorist attack the US declared a "war on terror," which included the invasion of a number of Middle East countries. Check out Sputnik's infographic to learn more.


    Post-9/11 War on Terror ‘Was the Biggest Recruitment Tool for Terrorists’
    US Post-9/11 ‘War on Terror’ Sparked Surge in Terrorist Attacks Globally
    15 Years and Billions of Dollars: US ‘at a Stalemate’ in its War on Terror
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    • Marc Nonnenkamp
      A monumental failure of policy - it must change and come to an end.
    • Gary F.
      Comparative evaluation has its inherent weakness in that it tries to intimate conclusions by putting diverse things on the same line. That is what people like in the concept of time and reason, because, so they think, that will bring them universal perspective. Yet, that is only relative perspective, exploring the vast deepness just by and from the point of local, abstract and in many cases delusional framework of truth. As insane as it is, some people are even heading on with full load of weaponry in order to secure the positions that their very local, improvised and trumped up concept of truth. Recall also still what Omaba said in his famous 2009 speech in Brussels, after and in connection to Libya, read on and comment... vlrnt.esy.es/world-politics/unintended-consequences Thanks for the nice infographics!
    • JoyInStruggle
      From "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia":

      > Lybia is a genus of small crabs in the family Xanthidae.
      > For the country in North Africa, see Libya.
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