08:26 GMT31 March 2020
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    The love life of the 55-year-old UK prime minister has been the topic of numerous gossip columns and caused many controversies – how many children he has is one of them. Apart from 2 boys and 2 girls with his ex-wife Marina Wheeler, the eccentric politician also has an out-of-wedlock daughter, born in 2009.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he wants to keep how many children can call him “father” a secret, explaining he wishes to protect them amid the political heat before the snap elections on 12 December.

    "I love my children very much, but they are not standing at this election, and I am not therefore going to comment. I am not going to put them on to the pitch in this election”, he said during an LBC interview.

    Johnson, who separated from his wife of many years Marina Wheeler in 2018 and is living at Downing Street with 31-year-old PR-specialist Carrie Symonds, also snubbed the question if he is going to have more children: "I'm not going to get into discussions (on this)”.

    The politician, who is fighting for votes to proceed with his Brexit plan, was asked about his children after a woman confronted him during the interview over his earlier comment about single mothers, which re-emerged several days ago and prompted public fury. In his 1995 column for the Spectator magazine, he lambasted the "appalling proliferation of single mothers" and described their children as "ill-raised, ignorant, aggressive, and illegitimate".

    His secrecy amid this scandal raised questions from the Twitter crowd as some seemed suspicious. ​Some are now demanding than he reveals how many children he’s fathered.

    ​Johnson’s turbulent love life has long been a topic of public curiosity, providing gossip columns and tabloids with fodder.

    Apart from the scandalous romance with his current partner, a legal battle made headlines several years ago and revealed he had a daughter from an affair with art adviser Helen Macintyre. In 2013, the then-mayor of London sought an injunction to stop reports about the girl born in 2009, who became his fifth child in addition to 2 sons and 2 daughters by lawyer Wheeler. However, as an article on Wikipedia says, Johnson may have fathered 6 children.

    Amid the debates about Boris Johnson's children, his dad has prompted his own Twitterstorm with a remark about Britons’ literacy. When Stanley Johnson talked to the BBC, the anchor told him "One of our viewers called your son Pinocchio”.

    "That requires a degree of literacy which I think the great British public doesn't necessarily have. They couldn't spell Pinocchio if they tried, I should have thought”, he joked.

    The joke prompted a backlash among netizens who were offended by the elder Johnson’s remark.


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