15:08 GMT07 April 2020
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    British policemen were called in last week after the discovery of two sheep fatally stabbed and marked with pentagrams. Three cows were also reportedly slaughtered, one heifer injured and a local church sprayed with symbols resembling those associated with Satanic cults. The mysterious incident has put residents of the local community on alert.

    "It had purple and green aerosol symbols sprayed on it. It was a pentagram and a cross. It had been stabbed to death. The wounds were in the side of the body by the rib cage [...] It was very unpleasant... Some people think it's sinister", local resident Judy Rudd said, cited by The Daily Mail. Rudd was reportedly walking her dogs when she found the dead animal.

    "...There's a certain amount of concern, it's unnerving - we've lived here 40 years and there's been nothing like this before [...] I don't agree that it's done to shock - you don't go around knifing animals simply to shock people [...] It's related to something other than simply a desire to injure animals - it's either witchcraft or whatever. It's rather worrying", Rudd's husband said, cited by The Daily Mail.

    A vicar at St Peter's Church in Bramshaw, the Reverend David Bacon, asserted that the animal killings could be the result of what he described as "witchcraft" or "black magic".

    "People are concerned. I've been here 15 years and seen a lot of stuff, but nothing like this. It could just be kids, but I don't think it is, given the context. There's been witchcraft round here for hundreds of years - the New Forest is well known for 'witchcraft' and 'black magic' happening, and this has obviously gone up a level. The symbol drawn on the sheep is a Satanic symbol, that's quite well known [...] It could be kids, but I don't think it is', Bacon said, cited by The Daily Mail.

    Local law enforcement agencies have no information about the culprits or their motives in the animal killings in Hampshire's New Forest National Park. An investigation into the 'mysterious' attacks is ongoing.

    "These incidents are unusual in the New Forest. We are looking at the circumstances of each one to see if they are linked, and to see how these animals came to be injured. We would also urge anyone who uses the Forest, including Commoners, to be vigilant", Sergeant Andy Williams of Hampshire Constabulary's Country Watch team said, cited by The Daily Mail.


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