22:06 GMT +319 January 2020
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    About 1,800 rioters marched in Nantes last week with at least 35 people detained as a result of clashes with the police. Three policemen and two gendarmes were injured during clashes with aggressive protesters.

    Yellow Vests protesters are taking to the streets for a new round of protests in Paris on Saturday, 21 September.

    Yellow Vests rallies swept across the country in mid-November prompted by planned hikes in fuel taxes. While the French government later abandoned its plans to raise fuel taxes, protesters continue to take to the streets across France every weekend to express their discontent with the government's policies.

    Last weekend, Yellow Vests demonstrators flooded the streets of Nantes in western France with about 1,800 protesters taking part in the action.


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    • 22:52

      The Police Pour Tear Gas on a Tourist

      "They sprayed the gas directly into our faces after we said we were walking to our car," the man said.

    • 18:50

      Number of Detained People in Paris Rises to 152 - Police

    • 17:26

      Number of People Detained in Yellow Vest Protests in Paris Reaches 137 - Police

    • 17:12

      Yellow Vests Protesters Join Climate Demonstration in Paris

      Demonstration of climate change activists in Paris

      Protesters Join Climate Demonstration, Start Riots in Paris - Video

      The yellow vest demonstration began in Madeleine Square and was moving toward Saint Lazare train station, where they briefly clashed with riot police, prompting a barrage of tear gas.
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    • 17:11

      Musician Plays Piano at Crowded Paris Train Station in the Midst of Yellow Vests Protest

      Yellow Vests protest in Paris. 12 January

      Musician Plays Piano at Crowded Paris Train Station in the Midst of Yellow Vests Protest - Video

      A new round of Yellow Vests protests is currently unfolding in Paris, with around 100 people having already been arrested and tear gas used against thousands of demonstrators participating in rallies to express their discontent with the government.
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    • 13:41

      Number of Detainees in Paris Goes Up to 90 - Police

    • 13:16

      Number of Detained People in Paris Rises to 65 - Police

    • 13:09

      Situation in Paris Just Before Saturday's Protests

      Local shopkeepers are seen padding the windows of their stores with plywood in these photos obtained by a Sputnik correspondent just prior to the Yellow Vests protests on Saturday in Paris.


      The situation before the Yellow Vest protests in Paris
      © Sputnik /
      A shop in Paris before the protests
      © Sputnik /
    • 11:33

      At Least Thirty Protesters Detained in Paris

      Paris law enforcement officers have arrested at least 30 people during the yellow vests protests sweeping the city this Saturday. Police officers also inspected 596 people, fining 4 demonstrators.

    • 11:14

      Police Use Tear Gas Against Protesters in Front of the Saint-Lazare Railway Station

      Yellow Vests protests in Paris

      Police Use Tear Gas to Disperse Yellow Vest Protesters in Paris

      PARIS (Sputnik) - French police used tear gas on Saturday to disperse yellow vest protesters near the Saint-Lazare railway station in Paris.
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    • 11:13

      Police Make First Arrests at the Place de la Madeleine


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