14:04 GMT24 January 2021
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    Both the Hungarian prime minister and Canadian academic are known to be staunch opponents of the uncontrolled illegal migration that has been pouring into the EU since 2015.

    Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban met with Canadian University Professor Jordan Peterson, who was attending the Brain Bar Festival in Budapest, on 30 May to discuss an array of topics. Namely, the two discussed the acute issue of illegal immigration, agreeing that it is both "unnecessary and dangerous", Hungary today reported, citing Orban's Assistant Under Secretary Havasi Bertalan.

    Orban and Peterson also discussed contemporary political correctness, which in their opinion has made "sensible public discussions" virtually impossible. The two reportedly agreed that political correctness had been invented by a "small, ideologically driven group".

    Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson first shot to fame after refusing to use special pronouns for transgender people, but later became known as a professor with views often at odds with the mainstream, especially when it comes to free speech. He is renowned as a steadfast critic of political correctness, hard-line feminism, Marxism, and post-modernist narratives.

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    He recently faced criticism for posing in a picture with a man wearing a T-shirt with the text "I'm a proud Islamophobe", an incident that cost him a fellowship at Cambridge University. Peterson later revealed that as a "free-speech guy" he had no right to object to the man's decision to wear the T-shirt, but pointed out that he is not a fan of the word "Islamophobia".


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