17:35 GMT25 October 2020
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    The news comes after former Conservative hardliner Anne Widdicombe, leftist activist Claire Fox and Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg's sister announced themselves as candidates in mid-April.

    The Brexit Party's list of candidates has expanded its list of European parliamentary candidates to include a Danish NHS dentist, former men's columnist, a gay property investor, classically-trained opera singer and former Nigerian barrister.

    Brexit candidate and former British Chamber of Commerce director John Longworth introduced the candidates in Manchester on Thursday.

    Martin Daubney, former editor at Loaded magazine and masculinity issues pundit at the London Telegraph and Sunday Times, stated that it was the "hardest day of my life" after being named West Midlands' candidate in Europe's May elections.

    The former frontman of Channel 4's critically-acclaimed ‘Porn On The Brain' documentary has also lectured in schools across the UK on the dangers of online pornography, in addition to mental health and the importance of fatherhood.

    The ex-Labour supporter said that he was "not one of the Farage disciples" and thought he would be "born Labour and would die Labour", but admitted that his party's ambitions were "bizarre".

    "We are basically turkeys voting for Christmas [but] we have such convictions that those are odds we're prepared to play with," Mr. Daubney said.

    James Wells, the former head of trade for the Office for National Statistics (ONS), will also stand as Brexit Party candidate for Wales. Mr. Wells resigned from the Conservative party last week, stating that he could "no longer watch democratic values being ripped up".

    "It's a big risk. I've not taken the decision lightly," He told supporters in Manchester. "I believe in Brexit and more importantly […] all this nonsense about people didn't know what they were voting for is garbage."

    Lucy Harris, 28, also joined and is an opera singer and Brexiteer who claims that Brexiters have been "marginalised and vilified", in addition to allegedly being denied job opportunities for voting Leave. Ms. Harris, who announced her candidacy in Yorkshire, said that it was "truly damaging to the fabric of our democracy". A Suffolk native, Ms. Harris had lived in Italy for two years and in London for eight, and is a lead soprano at the Royal Albert Hall.

    Property investor Louis Stedman-Bryce, announce himself as a "gay, black man" at his candidacy, and said he was "sick and tired" of Brexiters being portrayed as "white, homophobic, we're definitely racist and we didn't know what we voted for" in the mainstream media.

    "I stand before you as a gay, black man and I can definitely tell you I know what I was voting for when I voted for Brexit," he told his audience.

    Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, a Danish-born NHS dentist and former co-chairman of a Eurosceptic party in Denmark, announced his candidacy for Northwest England alongside Nigerian-born barrista for multiple blue-chip companies Elizabeth Babade.

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    The new list are set to challenge Change UK's roughly 70 contenders, including Brexiteer Boris Johnson's sister, Rachel Johnson, as well as former BBC pundit Gavin Esler. But disgraced Change UK candidate for Scotland, Joseph Russo, resigned on Wednesday after a flurry of racist, homophobic and sexist tweets emerged, in addition to Ali Sadjady, who resigned for similar reasons.


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