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    World War III Coming? UK's Daily Express Has Doomsday Section

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    British tabloid Daily Express appears to have a "World War III" section on its website, and while the news topics vary, the main characters remain unchanged, obviously including Russia, Iran, and China.

    Days after the US and Russia decided to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, the UK-based tabloid, Daily Express, published an article on the "safest" place to escape radiation in the event of a nuclear war. It turns out that the media outlet has a whole section dedicated to a hypothetical World War III.

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    The section's description suggests that it includes World War III predictions and all the news on the next possible worldwide conflict, with basically every third headline implying that it would somehow involve Russia, Iran, China, and North Korea.

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    Screengrab from The Daily Express: "The TERRIFYING countries most likely to spark World War 3 - shock US spy warning"

    Since 4 February, the tabloid has published 33 articles in the section on such topics as an arms race, the political crisis in Venezuela, Russia's pullout from the INF in response to Washington's withdrawal, the nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran — all these developments would imminently lead to an apocalyptic scenario.

    Screengrab from The Daily Express: World War 3: Russia and Iran UNITE against US over Venezuela crisis, warn Trump 'STAY OUT'
    Screengrab from The Daily Express: "World War 3: Russia and Iran UNITE against US over Venezuela crisis, warn Trump 'STAY OUT'"

    As surreal as it may seem, Daily Express's "World War III" warning section is not one-of-a-kind: another British tabloid, the Daily Star, also has one. Its news updates are, however, less frequent.

    The doomsday section has been in the spotlight for a while now, and couldn’t go unnoticed on social media. Many users are still wondering when they are going to get the actual WWIII Daily Express has been warning everyone about:

    As the section gets updated several times a day, some have already lost count of the alerts, while others are trying hard to stay vigilant… well, just in case:

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