07:19 GMT13 April 2021
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    Male gym members said they were distracted by an innocent crop top, which prompted the gym's staff to kick the girl out. They explained that their dress code prohibited tank tops and sports bras, but she claims that guys in tank tops haven't ever been told to leave.

    A 22-year-old girl from Konstanz, Germany was thrown out of a local gym after other gym members deemed her workout outfit to be "distracting".

    A female gym employee approached Marny and said her clothes were "confusing" the men in the gym. They said the problem was her black crop top, which exposed her waist, as can be seen in a photo she shared on Twitter.

    According to the gym's policy, men are not allowed to wear tank tops and women are not allowed to don sports bras. Although Marny hit back by saying that her crop top was not a sports bra (and even if it was, it should still be acceptable), she was apparently still asked to leave.

    The girl, who claims to be a law student, said she will never return to the establishment. She refused to disclose the name of the gym, however, saying that her intention was to raise awareness rather than shame the company.

    "I never wanted to ruin the gym, as it is a small local one, not a big chain and even if they have done me wrong, I am not and don't want to be that person."

    Marny's efforts seem to have panned out, as many outraged commenters took her side, claiming there was nothing wrong with her attire.

    This week, a US Army veteran also fell victim to a controversial outfit choice — albeit for a political reason. Jack Talbot, from Missouri, cancelled his membership at a local gym after its owner told him not to wear a pro-Trump T-shirt — something that other gym members insisted was "racist".


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