04:47 GMT26 November 2020
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    MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Former UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned on Monday that if UK lawmakers try to foil the country's withdrawal from the European Union through their "jiggery-pokery," the UK citizens will see it nothing short of betrayal and a conspiracy by the so-called deep state.

    "I've noticed all this stuff about complicated jiggery-pokery for Parliament to frustrate the deal… If we think that by coming up with all sorts of complicated amendments and delaying tactics, we're going to fool the British public, we're going to manage to frustrate Brexit, I think we will reap the whirlwind… I think the people will feel betrayed and I think they will feel that there has been a great conspiracy of the deep state in the UK — the people that really run the country," Johnson told the LBC broadcaster.

    The politician also expressed his doubts that the withdrawal agreement would survive the upcoming vote in the parliament on Tuesday.

    "I think the deal goes down," Johnson said, expressing confidence that the United Kingdom would still leave the bloc in March as planned, despite some lawmakers' fears that the failure of the agreement in parliament would necessarily entail a no-deal Brexit.

    The deal was supposed to have been voted on by the parliament in December 2018, but the crucial procedure was postponed by Prime Minister Theresa May amid high risks that the long-sought agreement would not stand as it is highly unpopular with many UK politicians.


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