06:23 GMT26 October 2020
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    A report by The Sunday Times, which cited an unnamed source in the UK’s armed forces, came as a draft Brexit deal proposed by UK Prime Minister Theresa May faces significant backlash and opposition even within her Cabinet, having already led to several resignations.

    According to The Sunday Times, citing an anonymous source in the British military, London has tasked 20 officers with developing a plan to maintain order in case the country leaves the European Union without a deal.

    The officers, normally overseeing Operation Temperer, which is designed to coordinate army efforts after acts of terrorism, reportedly started working on the task last week.

    According to The Sunday Times, they are focusing on determining ways in which army can assist police if chaos erupts on British streets as a result of a "no-deal" scenario.Among other things, they plan for the delivery of additional medicine to hospitals in the event of riots and ways to ease traffic chaos, the newspaper reported.

    Previously, an official at the Police Federation of England and Wales, Simon Kempton, said that a "no-deal" scenario is the "worst case scenario" and warned that police might not be able to deal with potential large-scale social unrest prompted by it. He also suggested that UK police could address the military for help in such an event.

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    Earlier this week, Prime Minister Theresa May announced that a draft Brexit deal had been approved by her Cabinet despite broad opposition. The announcement was followed by several Cabinet resignations, including those of Brexit Minister Dominic Raab, who later claimed that the deal was fatally flawed.


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