22:40 GMT28 September 2020
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    MOSCOW(Sputnik) – The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) started preparing for possible re-elections to the Bundestag amid the conflict in the alliance of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Der Spiegel reported, citing sources in the SPD.

    Over the recent weeks, the SPD held three closed meetings, the agenda of which was the preparation for a "quick" election campaign in the event of possible re-elections, according to Der Spiegel magazine.

    The re-elections could potentially take place in early September, according to the SPD leadership.

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    German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, who is also the leader of CSU proposes to send migrants away at the German border if they had already been refused asylum, or had applied for asylum in another EU country. On Monday, Seehofer gave Merkel two weeks to find a European solution to end an influx of asylum seekers, otherwise, he would order border police to turn back migrants.

    Merkel has been seeking more time to hammer out an EU-wide solution to Europe's migration crisis and make deals with Italy and Greece, which are the main recipients of cross-Mediterranean migrants, to take back some migrants who made their way into Germany.

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    In March, SPD agreed to form a coalition with CDU/CSU, when all of them saw the number of their seats in Bundestag go down at the latest parliamentary elections in September, while the Alternative for Germany (AfD) became the third largest force in the German parliament with 94 seats out of 709.

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