19:36 GMT23 September 2020
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    BRUSSELS (Sputnik), Luc Rivet - Better coordination between police agencies of different EU states could contribute to the prevention of crimes, such as the 2016 murder of Maria Ladenburger in Germany by an asylum seeker.

    On March 22, a court in the German city of Freiburg condemned Hussein Khavari, an asylum seeker, who claimed to be of Afghan origin, to life in prison. The asylum seeker killed Ladenburger after raping her in 2016.

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    The guilty verdict was not the first one for Khavari in a member state of the European Union.

    First Entry to EU

    Khavari first arrived illegally in Greece, coming from Turkey and was arrested after having tried to kill a young woman in Corfu by throwing her off a cliff. She miraculously survived. A Greek court sentenced him to 10 years in jail in 2013.

    Two years later, since Greek prisons were overpopulated, an "amnesty" was declared for many criminals. Khavari was freed conditionally but disappeared.

    Athens did not deliver an international arrest warrant, so Khavari was not identified by the German authorities, when he crossed the border into Germany in 2015.

    Application for Asylum

    In Germany Khavari declared he was a 16-year-old Afghan and asked for asylum. A year later, when he killed Ladenburger, the request still had not been examined by the German authorities, completely overstretched by the hundreds of thousands of requests introduced by many of the migrants at that time.

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    German law enforcement agencies succeeded to detain him due to the information received from video surveillance cameras. After the detention his age was estimated at between 22 and 29. The police also had great doubts about his nationality. Khavari's telephone showed that he is from Iran and not from Afghanistan. His father could be contacted in Iran by the police, while he had said in his story that his father had been killed by the Taliban.

    The judge at the Freiburg court felt obliged to declare that it was not the asylum policy of Germany which was being judged.


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