23:31 GMT29 October 2020
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    The UK government is studying the possible revival of plans to bar migrants who arrive in the United Kingdom from the European Union from claiming in-work benefits during their first four years in the country after its withdrawal from the bloc, local media reported Friday.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) In 2014, then-Prime Minister David Cameron proposed plans to allow migrants from Europe to claim tax credits and child benefit and to apply for social housing only after four years of living in the country while prohibiting them from receiving benefits or child tax credit for kids living in other countries. In early 2016, the European Union denied a permission to introduce the full four-year ban on EU migrants claiming in-work benefits, but has instead offered the ability to partially reduce benefits for four years.

    The plans, to be published by the UK Home Office later in the year, may bar EU migrants from claiming benefits unless they have worked in the country and "contributed" for four years, the Telegraph newspaper reported, citing government sources.

    Another version of the plan allows migrants to claim in work-benefits if they had lived in the United Kingdom for four years, regardless of their employment over the period, the newspaper said.

    On Thursday, Theresa May said the United Kingdom would welcome EU migrants who want to visit and work in the country post-Brexit.

    The United Kingdom held a referendum on June 23, 2016, deciding to leave the European Union. Post-Brexit rights both of UK citizens in the European Union and EU citizens living in the United Kingdom became one of the main disputed issues at negotiations between the two parties. Brexit negotiations officially started on June 19 and are expected to conclude by the end of March 2019.


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