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    German army tanks line up during the course of the NATO Noble Jump exercise on a training range near Swietoszow Zagan, Poland, June 2015. The German military has seen an increase in deployments for exercises in Eastern Europe and on Russia's borders since the start of the Ukrainian crisis in February 2014.

    Germany Deploys Tanks in Lithuania as Part of Mission to 'Intimidate' Russia

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    The Bundeswehr is leading a 1,000-strong troop battalion that was deployed to Lithuania earlier this month as part of NATO's Atlantic Resolve mission. On Friday, dozens of additional German military vehicles were placed in the Baltic country and are expected to be stationed one hundred kilometers from the Russian-Lithuanian border.

    The move has been called by several German media outlets a mission to "intimidate" Russia. According to German Der Stern magazine, in this way, NATO wants to strengthen its eastern flank and deter alleged Russian aggression. The mission is called eFP which is the abbreviation for Enhanced Forward Presence.

    "Today we expect the arrival of the fourth and the last train carrying around 20 Marder infantry combat vehicles, bridge parts and a special tank. By this, the deployment of German forces is completed and we can begin the training next week," German military Torsten Stephan was quoted as saying last week.

    The military activities of German forces near Russian borders were also covered by Austrian media sources.

    "On Friday, there was a historic movement of troops: for the first time since the end of World War II German tanks have been brought to the Russian border," Austrian website oe24.at wrote.

    At the same time, columnist of the German Der Spiegel magazine Jacob Augstein believes that NATO's attempts to intimidate Russia are reminiscent of the logic of the Cold War.

    "Is the whole insanity of the Cold War back again? Will we soon experience the thinking in categories of Mutual Assured Destruction?" the journalist asked.

    Since 2014, after Crimea rejoined Russia, NATO has been increasing its military presence in Eastern Europe, using the countries' vulnerability to alleged Russian aggression as a pretext. Moscow has repeatedly criticized the increased presence of the alliance's troops and military facilities close to Russia's borders.

    Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that Russia is still ready for dialogue with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on issues including counterterrorism despite the alliance's provocative actions.


    Germany Will Deploy Troops in Lithuania to 'Contain' Russia
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    • md74
      germany to intimidate Russia? really? Do these germans realise that a variety of uninterceptable missiles are pointed at them? there will not be any mutual assured destruction, but merely a sure destruction of german toy soldiers & tanks.
    • avatar
      One would have thought.... Germany, of all countries, sending Tanks and heavy armour close to Russian border in Lithania...
      They must be frightened of Russia. Russia, do not take too much notice, it's a provocation, they and their masters want a huge reaction from you. Do not give them the pleasure. Let them spend their money, exhaust themselves, the EU is on its way out anyway. All this proves the importance of Mother Russia... for Russia to attract such attention from the 'advanced, liberal, decadent, west' which has been de-Christianised, now a pagan PENINSULA of Russia.
    • avatar
      I do not know whether to cry or laugh. Does Germany forget the last time they tried to intimidate Russia?

      Does anybody remember the de-nazification of Europe, the de-militarisation of Germany (which is part of their Constitution, they can have peace keepers, but, only allowed to be true soldiers, when working with others, hence the need for the EU Army).

      Can they Germany Forces actually fight? If so are they strong enough to compete with the Russian Forces?
    • avatar
      Meanwhile, Russia decides to parade the Armata, close to the border of Lithuania. Escorted by her relatives. How many tanks has Russia got in her stockpile? Is it almost 15,500? Can you imagine having many of them lined up along the border, happily waving to the old tanks of NATO? Did the US ever manage to get the tank batteries charged? Oooops.
    • avatar
      The US geopolitical agenda always has at least 4 principal reasons for any action.
      The headline act is of course a realignment of leverage to position Trump to get a compromise on there terms.
      From what I have observed the middle east is still there no 1 priority despite the posturing indicating a less concerned approach.
      The regionalisation of Syria to facilitate the pipeline and establish the Kurds as a strong pro US/Israeli Allie to counter Hezbollah forces is the main objective for the world domination agenda.
      The US state department and high level intelligence agencies firmly stand by the bargaining principal of you give us this! and we will!!? whats not thought through is that all these positions compromising Russia and the free world have reached a natural point where there is zero room to negotiate a compromise.

      The geopolitical line in the sand was really drawn after Libya and during the interference in Syria.
      Russia made that stand and the last possible moment in history out of shear bewilderment at the aggressive belligerence and brutally and the future intent of world domination by US/NATO cabal.
      At least 50% of Americans saw this fact as plain as day and voted Trump to forge a new world union in a new era of shared power in a multi polar world governance concept.
      Breaking away from a brutal course moving headlong towards a world war and the destruction of Mother Earth.

      US/NATO continuing on that old warpath is shear madness and has a strong relativity to a main stream definition of madness forming in a personality when it "wont let go" more drugs are prescribed in mental health to assist unblocking the path blocked by anger and a refusal to change there set way of thinking and how they react aggressively to scenarios that dont suit their plans.
    • avatar
      Russia should roll up 12 T-90S and 12 Krizantemas and declare that's all we will need to destroy every tank in Lithuania which is about correct not even a need for the Armata at all.

      Really dont think Russia is intimidated by that pathetic little showing that's one small very short battles worth.
    • avatar
      Confirms NAZI Germans want War
    • avatar
      tobi.gelandoin reply toViTran(Show commentHide comment)
      Vitran it look like the German like revenge but I have a lot of daub !!!
      In each country in Europe there have Nazi supporters and for sure Germany has the most !!! but 97 % of the Germans are not Nazi !!!
      For me Germany's leaders are the big cowards in the Eu !!! that is that there jump if Obonga, Trump or Mc. Cain only blink with there eye !!!
    • avatar
      ViTranin reply totobi.gelando(Show commentHide comment)
      tobi.gelando, Banderistan has the Most Nazi, thanks to Funding, Training, Arming, from NAZI Germans / Frumpy !
      However, Banderistan Nazi's are not interested in Dying on the Eastern Front ,,, and will head for maidan in Warsaw, later Berlin !
    • NATOisEVIL
      Russia will take this as a massive provocation, because last time that happened millions got killed. But this time the battle is about something else, its between good and evil, where the clearly aggressive part is the evil.
    • avatar
      "Today we expect the arrival of the fourth and the last train carrying around 20 Marder infantry combat vehicles, bridge parts and a special tank."
      I am kinda wondering about that special tank?Must be really special...
    • avatar
      Intimidate Russia....please....name one time you could ever intimidate Russia?
    • avatar
      It would be laughable if it did not serve to increase defense spending and hysteria both in Russia and in the west. Que bono? Military industry in both Russia and the west - we should assume that Russian oligarchs are in on it for that reason.
    • avatar
      Don't worry.

      We Russians knows our history. We are already on red alert, but not with tanks.

      We are pointing 500 nuclear warheads to Germany and Berlin.

      Tanks will defend our soil, behind Nuclear shields.

      A good nazi is a nuked nazi.
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