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    The Crossroads of History: Is the European Union Becoming the 4th Reich?

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    With the serious economic and political crisis showing no signs of abating in Europe, both geographical and moral boundaries are being erased in the name of globalization, Sputnik Italy quoted participants of a round table discussion in Rome as saying.

    Now that Europe is going through a severe economic and political crisis, its geographical and moral barriers are being erased for the sake of globalization, the participants of a round table discussion in Rome were quoted by Sputnik Italy as saying.

    They claimed that Europe have already entered an era of uncertainty where cultural differences had blurred.

    Italian journalist Marcello Veneziani, for his part, noted that the process of erasing all boundaries across Europe had come amid stark differences between the EU member states in terms of economic vitality and political sovereignty.

    In this regard, Veneziani underscored the importance of boundaries being preserved.

    "Without boundaries-related restrictions, any society can increase to immeasurable dimensions," he said, calling for the creation of a governing class who would be able to not only win elections, but also to manage the affairs of state.

    In an interview with Sputnik Italy, Italian economics expert Alberto Bagnai, in turn, focused on the economic crisis in Europe and how it had spelled disaster for Italy, which had earlier been hit by the 2008 economic meltdown.

    Bagnai specifically critiqued the court of popular opinion, where anyone who would champion his or her country's national interests, identity or ability to control its borders is denounced as a populist.

    "This is happening because we live in a historical period when only multinational companies possess sovereignty. It's clear that the media's dismissive reaction to the idea that people can also possess sovereignty and identities is playing into someone's hands," he said.

    Additionally, Bagnai commented on the fact that there are 90 NATO and US thermonuclear bombs on Italian soil, something that he said calls into question whether Italy is, in fact, a sovereign country.

    "Italy possessing sovereignty is out of the question, and the problem is that it is time to understand that we should take advantage of the situation to negotiate the best terms for our country now, [and address] the relationship between the boss and his local representative, Germany," he said.

    Bagnai added that "Rome is very unlikely to become the capital of the Empire again in the coming years."

    "Given that we are a dependent country, we can either move towards a European Union which has, in fact, become the Fourth Reich which is opposed by the United States, or we can gain a little autonomy, negotiating with Russia and Washington," he said.

    "In this vein, mutual rapprochement is not necessarily a negative thing. It is much better than dropping atomic bombs on each other," he concluded.

    Meanwhile, Freedom Party of Austria member and former presidential candidate Norbert Hofer told Sputnik late last month that the European Union needs to cut taxes and slash bureaucracy in order to overcome economic stagnation.

    "The EU crisis is much deeper, as many EU members have huge debts and high unemployment rates; the economies of some EU countries are very weak. Therefore, we should focus on economics, strengthening the EU economy through reasonable tax cuts and reducing bureaucracy," Hofer said.

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      The EU is NOT becoming the "Fourth Reich." It is becoming the Second Soviet>
      After all...The Third Reich loved her people and worked for them. As opposed to Jewgashvili (Stalin) who turned down the British offer of minesweepers, preferring instead to use Russian "peasants" to clear the fields.
    • JorgeDenverg
      with monster Trump USA IS THE NEW REICH
    • Blackie
      America could be the fourth Reich, and Germany is only the tail on the dog .
    • avatar
      ntahedasin reply toCapt'nSkippy !!!(Show commentHide comment)
      Capt'nSkippy !!!, you say 'The third world garbage invasion has moved the whole of Europe into a scenario worse than the great plague that it will never recover from.' Well.
      You may be right, but calling that phenomenon a 'third world garbage invasion' as you do. Of course you may maintain that even so you are still right. In which case I am obliged to say that you forget narrowmindedness and shortsightedness that fostered what you call 'third world garbage invasion'. Let me cite but three forms : 1) Colonisation & Recolonisation (of the Third World) 2) Foisting a false and lamentable democracy on the Third World (done just in order to sabotage harminy within populations) 3) Encouraging Islamic backwardness and bloodshed all over the world as that continue being the case beyond hypocritical political discourses... Finally your EU is not a whitewashed innocent as you may let think. So how and why should such Europe recover from whatever if its calculations are invariably embedded in narrowmindedness and in shortsightedness ?
    • Dar...
      The EU was created to "Make Germany Great Again". It succeeded.

      The USA is lazy by nature. It prefers to organise it's vassals into simple to manage hierarchies based on the 'biggest and most brutal first' principle. Rather like fascism.

      When communicating with their European vassal the yanks just wanted to be able to pick up a phone and dial one number. A Berlin number.

      As soon as the EU was in place and managed by their ruthless Teutonic order the Americans used it to spread their neo-liberal, globalist version of facism.

      It's failed for the same reason facism always fails no matter what flavour it comes in. It always leaves people with a bad taste in their mouths and a society full of lunatics.
    • Is it because I am black?
      What are the signs of a fourth Reich from San Francisco to the Oder?
      Militarisation, as you can see from Syria to Ukraine and Poland,
      Russia- (and to a lesser degree) China-bashing, so as to keep the Empire together
      Mass media dominance and censorship of alternative opinion,
      Repression of others as supposed terrorists by the state or by government-tolerated Nazi thugs,
      Nationalist ideology on the rise everywhere,
      A controlled economy where multinationals call all the shots, as seen in the pushing of TTIP, CETA and similar trade treaties,
      Abolition of human and social rights, as evidenced by border controls, work-place repression, lowering of educational standards and cutting down pensions,
    • Blackiein reply toIs it because I am black?(Show commentHide comment)
      Is it because I am black?,
      Very true, and Europe is being controlled fully by Israel MI6 and the CIA.
      They hate Putin and Trump.
      Nazi America Inc is real .
    • Blackiein reply toJorgeDenverg(Show commentHide comment)

      WRONG .
    • avatar
      Talking abotu "Hitler" and "IV Reich" is outdated.

      The European Union (EU) is basically a commercial project, but deeper inside, the €urozone is the forefront of a political union.

      The Head of the €urozone if it turns into a Federation will be an elected President, but from a symbolic point of view, and given the fact several countries in the Union (Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg) are Monarchies, they could elect an "Emperor" or "Empress" and proclaim him/her in Rome or Aachem with blessing not just from the Pope but also from the main religious leaders of the €urozone (Lutherans, Muslims, Jews) all of them present...It could be possible at least as something symbolic and private (without Government participation)
    • metalhead17
      Everyone should check out Jim Marrs book The rise of the fourth riech!........they are there hiding !
    • avatar
      I am not sure if the Eu will become the 4 th Reich ? But for sure Germany give it a try !!!
    • cromwell
      Since Maastricht and Schengen it is the IV Reich !
      The problem is not Germany only, be attention,
      but the globalist ideology of liberalism which has made us all quadrupeds work without any historical memory of our personal consciousness of the national group.
    • avatar
      Europe with the EU leading is at the end of its purpose. The politics are led by ex socialists who are too dumb to realise they are now pure fascist in every sense of that word and in any language on the planet. They are now a weapons platform. They are akin to a turtle stuck on a post. The troops the West has deployed on the eastern flank of the EU are considered as losses already. Trump has no appetite for a spat with Russia unlike Clinton and Obama. The West has broken every accepted norm known to a 2000 year old civilisation. They have adopted the same stance as the Third Reich. There is no question at all that this is attempt number three to grab Russia. Every tool of fascism has been adopted, a casual glance at Kiev confirms.
    • avatar
      K9in reply tocromwell(Show commentHide comment)
      cromwell, GERMANY is the problem for the West, but not as you see it.
    • avatar
      K9in reply toDar...(Show commentHide comment)
      Dar..., exactly so..
    • avatar
      K9in reply toskylein(Show commentHide comment)
      skylein, Sky you could be right there..whatever it is..it is not Christian that is for sure.
    • avatar
      K9in reply toHermes(Show commentHide comment)
      Hermes, Take a look at the Ukraine.
    • cromwellin reply toK9(Show commentHide comment)
      K9, I thank you in the comments.
      but I remain in my opinion ... because, in my opinion, but also respect yours, Germany precisely embodies the ideology of liberalism and globalism.
    • avatar
      GERMANY has a demographic problem which was solved by allowing over one million illiterate savages into her borders. The average age of male labour in now less than the 46 years she had before. You are of course correct in that she used the political tool of cultural Marxism to restock her labour pool. You have been hood-winked my friend, misled. There is no altruistic motive.
    • Zoanthropy
      Germany is the 4th Reich, with it's EU head office in Brussels and it's massive surpluses stashed away in Luxembourg.
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