00:28 GMT16 June 2021
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    Nigel Farage, ex-leader of UK Independence party (UKIP) and front-runner to the Brexit campaign is making headlines once again in the UK over his cozying up with US president-elect Donald Trump.

    Paying a recent visit to Trump Tower in New York, Mr. Farage added more speculation to the idea that he could be offered a job by Mr. Trump.

    ​And if Nigel Farage did descend on the elevator from Donald Trump's office, it would have been the third time he has met with the US president elect in just one month, feeding a growing obsession in Britain over Mr. Farage's political affairs.

    According to London newspaper The Telegraph, Mr. Farage could bag himself an informal role advising Mr. Trump on US/UK trade relations.

    Meanwhile, Nigel Farage admitted to reporters from Bloomberg news that he is "unashamedly promoting the idea of completely resetting the US/UK relationship."

    ​"It would be a great thing to do in terms of trade."

    However it's still not known whether Mr. Farage did indeed meet Mr. Trump for a third time. But speculation that he did, or at least did visit Trump Tower, has been covered by almost every mainstream media outlet and newspaper in Britain.

    But before jetting off to New York, Nigel Farage wished his counterparts at the European Parliament a happy Christmas, which he summed up using the three gifts from the three wise men to Jesus.

    "Brexit deliverance, Trump triumph and Italian rebellion," which he wrapped up as, "democracy and the re-birth of the nation's state."

    Whether Mr. Farage did meet Mr. Trump or not, it seems the former UKIP leader likes to keep people guessing over what could be in store for him. 


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