18:04 GMT31 May 2020
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    The pro-Left Leipzig club and youth center Conne Island has published a statement detailing the problems it encountered when trying to integrate migrants through participation in the club’s social events.

    Last year the Leipzig-based club decided to encourage refugees into the club only to see an increase in groups of migrants who caused trouble by stealing, brawling and sexually assaulting women.

    This forced the club managers to admit that German mentality differed from that of at least part of the country’s migrant community. Only recently such a discussion was highly uncharacteristic of the country’s political mainstream, save only for rightwing extremists and populists.

    The club’s security tried to deal with the problem but to no avail. On numerous occasions the managers were forced to call the police, because "the level of physical violence against security personnel was no longer manageable."

    To encourage migrants to visit the club the management organized German lessons and a number of skateboard and bike workshops. It also allowed the refugees to visit the club for just €0.50 each.

    As a result migrants started flowing in in large numbers scuffling with customers and sexually assaulting women causing the female guests to avoid the club.

    "To party together and in the process, to achieve the integration of young refugees into Conne Island, turned out to be a naive plan. […] The authoritarian and patriarchal socialization in the home countries of some refugees and liberal western (party) culture sometimes makes for an explosive mixture," the statement said.

    A pretty embarrassing admission by an independent leftwing club like Conne Island whose members, just like those of other pro-Left associations, and are weaned on a mix of trendy slogan and concepts pitched by movements like Antifa, Refugees Welcome, fair trade, Occupy and others.

    Security firms are also facing a dilemma now. Their staff has often been accused of racist slurs and with good reason too. However each time migrant troublemakers  had problems with security guards they started accusing them of racist behavior in order not to be thrown out.

    Security struggled to deal with the problem, owing to language barriers and fears of accusations of racism. One security guard said that each time they wanted to throw out a migrant visitor who insulted them, other guests yelled at them that they were racists. And now these  attempts to  harmonize law and order and political correctness finally backfired.

    “Someone finally dared to speak up about what club organizers have been whispering about during their ‘crisis meetings.’ Unfortunately, they have yet to come up with any effective means of dealing with this problem. This subject has never been openly discussed, partly due to a misinterpreted sense of political correctness, partly because they were afraid to be labeled as rightwing radicals,” someone wrote on Facebook.

    Because German media refuse to discuss these subjects brought up by the Alternative for Germany party, it is not surprising that left-wingers, who are up against everything that is bad and for all that is good, are finding it so hard to wake up to reality.


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