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    Kosovo Albanians wave the Kosovo flag during a celebration marking the 4th anniversary of the Kosovo's declaration of independence in Pristina on February 17, 2012

    US 'Winked at Kosovo to Raise Albanian Unification Issue' After RS Referendum

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    Some members of the international community, in an attempt to put pressure on Serbia and Republika Srpska after a recent referendum, is behind Kosovan calls for a referendum on unification with Albania, the former head of Serbia's Military-Security Agency (VBA) Momir Stojanovic told Sputnik Serbia.

    On Thursday a representative of Kosovo's ruling Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Nait Hasani, declared that the Kosovo Assembly ought to pass a law to organize a referendum on the question of uniting with Albania.

    Kosovo, which unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008, should "use the constitutional right to pass a law and organize the referendum," said Nait Hasani, B92 reported.

    This suggestion is an attempt to put pressure on Serbia, following a recent referendum in Republika Srpska, the former head of Serbia's Military-Security Agency (VBA) Momir Stojanovic told Sputnik Serbia.

    In the referendum held on September 25, 99.81 percent of voters in Republika Srpska supported an initiative to make January 9 a state holiday, in spite of a ruling by the Bosnia and Herzegovnia Constitutional Court, and international pressure.

    Stojanovic said that Kosovan Albanian politicians are raising the issue of Kosovo's unification with Albania because of pressure from some members of the international community, who aim to weaken the position of Serbia and Republika Srpska. 

    "This announcement that Kosovo will hold a referendum on unification with Albania means that somebody winked at Albanians in Kosovo and told them to raise this issue, because of the recently held referendum in Republika Srpska. It's just one of the issues used to exert additional pressure on Serbia, and Republika Srpska," Stojanovic told Sputnik.

    "This is not an invention of the Kosovan Albanians – this is an invention of those who are playing with the peace and stability of the Balkans. Above all, the US and some EU countries which make the key decisions about the moves many Balkan countries make."

    "This announcement functions as a threat and pressure on Serbia and Republika Srpska because of the recent referendum," Stojanovic said.

    However, president of Serbia's Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun told Sputnik that the suggestion from Kosovo of uniting with Albania is an empty threat.

    "This is nothing new in the Greater Albania plans of Kosovan Albanians and their collaborators in Albania. However, the golden period of attempts to unite Kosovo and Albania disappeared when (former Albanian President and later Prime Minister) Sali Ram Berisha left power. The normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina has changed the situation significantly in favor of Belgrade," Drecun said.

    "Serbia would never accept anything like that. On the other hand, there is the question of whether Albania, as a NATO member, would forcibly change national boundaries and take territory belonging to another country, regardless of the fact that Tirana has accepted Kosovo as a country," Drecun said.

    "I think that would be a big political risk for Albania which would bring a lot of harm and would not bring any benefits in practice. Don't forget that the UN administration is still present in Kosovo, through UNMIK (United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo), EULEX (European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) and KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force)," Drecun said. 

    Hasani's suggestion comes just days after Republika Srpska, one of two political entities that constitute Bosnia and Herzegovina, held a referendum asking voters whether to respect a ruling by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Constitutional Court last year.

    January 9 is celebrated as a public holiday in Republika Srpska, since it was founded on that day in 1992. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other entity which constitutes Bosnia and Herzegovina, does not celebrate January 9. It celebrates March 1, 1992, the day when it declared independence from Yugoslavia, but this day is not celebrated in Republika Srpska.

    Last year the Bosnia-Herzegovina Constitutional Court declared the January 9 holiday unconstitutional after a legal challenge from the Bosniak member of the country's tripartite rotating presidency, Bakir Izetbegovic.

    In response, President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik organized a referendum on the issue, challenging the authority of the Constitutional Court to strike down the legislation.

    The decision to hold the referendum was criticized by the US, calling it "illegal." 

    A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said the referendum was a reaction to the ineffectiveness of the Bosnian justice system, which struck down the state holiday, and condemned bias against Bosnian Serbs.

    "Infringement of their legitimate rights does not evoke proper reaction from the national bodies of justice. This is why the Republika Srpska had to resort to available democratic instruments to ensure the implementation of its legitimate interests," the spokesman said, calling for further dialogue to resolve the dispute.

    The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of three members: one Bosniak and one Croat from the territory of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one Serb from Republika Srpska.

    The day after the referendum Bakir Izetbegovic, the Bosniak member of the tripartite Presidency, criticized Dodik's decision to hold the referendum.

    "I think there will be a gradual reaction of the international community. We watched how Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi and Milosevic defied (them), and what that looks like," Izetbegovic said.


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      Why is the US so desperate for regime change, here, there and everywhere. Wasn't it Clinton and Blair that thought it was a good idea to bomb Bosnia? What was the reason? Milosevic spent the last 11 years of his life in The Hague and once he had died, a few years later he was exonerated of all crimes, held against him.

      Talking of the Clintons, this makes interesting reading.

      The List: 27 Countries Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's Neocon 'Hubris'
      She's a one-woman global neocon wrecking ball... russia-insider.com/en/politics/share-chart-countries-destroyed-hillary/ri16630
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      jasin reply toanne00marie(Show commentHide comment)
      anne00marie, Thanks for the list. It's a keeper. There is often mention about 7 countries is 5 years, but the US harm is far greater than that. Wayne Madsen and Paul Joseph Watson do some great work. I'm not an Alex Jones fan, but I think he has some good people presented there.
    • Al SAN
      I didn't know that NATO represent the international community. This puppet (Bakir) was talking on his knees. Libia, Irak are a complete failure and Yugoslavia bombed and destroyed following NATO wish to impose "democracy" and the biggest military base in Europe. Now all of them have unstable governments.
    • AndreaDin reply tojas(Show commentHide comment)
      jas, How can misogynists and white supremacists be good people? You'll see that if their Trump wins, these lib-tards will justify everything they were always so much against. Wasn't their previous hero Rand Paul himself a foreign interventionist?
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      I remember during my studies in a school of law we had some subjects concerning human behaviour which is important part in analysing and understanding background of certain social groups and their actions derived from it.

      Once professor told us several examples of how certain processes of socialisation influence and shape peoples personality. Children which are growing in violent environment adopt to these circumstances and to the perfection master the way how to live and exist in such environment. Once they grow up and if they change environment by moving to orderly environment they will soon start to create trouble and chaos in this environment as only in this kind of situation they can function to the perfection. They will try to turn every peaceful environment into some kind of battleground where it will be emphasised survival of the fittest.

      American politicians were groomed into such environment where all they need to do is to create chaos, violence and suppression. This is the environment they understand the best where they believe anything can and will be achieved with violence. Just have look at militarisation of their police forces. They are treating every person if not outright as murderer, terrorist or at least as hardcore criminal and drug dealer. Under such mentally reshaped reality it is no wonder that USA police is becoming brutal and militarised.

      That is politicians work as they want to create USA as a state on the verge of revolution only to impose harsher and harsher measures and limitations on civil liberties. I love American people, they are incredible joy and fun to be with, and they themselves are getting more and more powerless and disinterested in politics. They are very well aware that American political system is elitist and no one who does not belongs to this elite cannot come close to political career. These politicians hijacked politics and they are using all available means to maintain their position and to keep people isolated. USA is becoming militarised state which will surpass Mexico in violence just to prevent something inevitable and that is overthrow of these ruling elite.

      Many people that I know in USA are saying that they cannot wait to see the moment when Russia will invade USA and get them rid of these criminals on power. They do not believe that these elite will ever leave these positions and that it will get from bad to worst.

      Next time you attack USA it would be nice to let every person who reads your lines to understand that you are drawing very clear difference between corrupt criminals on power and ordinary nice people. They love same things as you do and many of them love you too and that is not exaggeration.
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