20:14 GMT21 October 2020
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    According to recent figures released by UK's Office for National Statistics, domestic travel by UK citizens encouraged to explore their own isles has increased by upto 11% following the 2 months period after UK's Brexit vote in June 2016.

    In any economic climate, there will always be industries as well as individuals who will benefit and those who will lose out, and it seems the UK travel industry is one that is seeing a steady surge in revenue. 

    UK tourism is also seeing a rise with international holidaymakers enjoying the sudden favorable exchange rates as the pound weakened within days of the referendum result taking place. 

    Total flight bookings are said to have surged by over 7% in the month after Britain voted to leave the European Union and the appeal for wider Europe to enjoy breaks in the UK is continuing to increase. 

    Holidaying in the UK has become cheaper for international visitors as far afield as Asia. Tourists from India, China and Japan are taking the best advantage of this by getting more value with their currencies. There is also a rise in travelers from the US who are getting "more value for the buck."

    According to price comparison site Cheapflights, searches for flights from Canada to both London and Edinburgh rose by 33% in the 4 weeks following the referendum, while the demand from the US increased by more than 20%.

    As a result of the sudden pound slump, domestic travel within the UK has also interestingly become a more favorable choice for those based across the isles of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Previously, a holiday choice for the majority of British families would mostly be abroad, but many businesses operating within UK tourism markets are tapping into the opportunity to attract more closer to home visitors. 

    A small Bed and Breakfast (B&B) owner in Chippenham — which is a popular tourist destination quite close to the historic town of Bath in UK — told Sputnuk:

    "After Brexit, we instantly noticed an increase in bookings and with many more people traveling from around the UK."

    Apart from the constantly busy attractions of London, outside the capital, the Scottish tourist industry has also benefited from the post-Brexit summer boost.

    In the long run, prices within the UK as well as to and from Europe will very likely be expected to increase again, but there are still a number of grey areas prior to the official kick-starting of the formal Brexit process such as what may happen to the EU — US Open Skies Agreement, which has been allowing for more airlines, more routes, and lower fares between EU member states. 

    Now with summer nearly over, travel operators must ensure they don't experience a slump, both with international visitors and those traveling within the UK and browsing across travel provider websites currently there are a number of offers leading up towards the 'back to school' time coming up.

    And as would be expected, a large proportion of this summer's tourist increase has been in the capital and at the countless major London attractions and in order for business owners and tourist-dependent businesses to continue the surge, it is probably quite important that they drive up marketing campaigns and competitively price their services in order to tap into the trend for more visitors visiting.


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