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    NSO, Who Are You? Secret Software Group Behind iPhone Hack Scrutinized

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    "NSO Group is a unique company in the field of Internet security software solutions and security research," the firm states on their Linkedin profile. The Israeli software company was founded in 2010 and sold to a San Francisco based private equity firm in 2014 for US$110 million. Its operations remained in Israel.

    "It is responsible for many unique developments on both mobile and PC environments. The company also specializes in creating highly sought solutions in the mobile and PC controlled environments."

    NSO group states that its specialties include: Internet security, mobile security, cyber threat and penetration testing.

    Another document uploaded online by Privacy International offers more detail about the company which employs between 200 and 500 people, according to Linked in, says that NSO Group "is a leader in the field of cyber warfare."

    "The company works with military and homeland security organizations in order to enhance their technical abilities in both offensive and defensive cyber warfare areas."

    'Remote & Stealth'

    The document, also says: "The focus is on the mobile and cellular cyber warfare field, where it now offers state of the art, advanced solutions."

    It appears the software firm offers cellphone hacking solutions to governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

    Its tool "Pegasus" can monitor and extract all data "via untraceable commands," requiring "remote and stealth" access.

    Governments around the world buy NSO Group's software and on 25 August 2016 it emerged that malware, created by NSO was being used to target the smartphone belonging to internationally recognized human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor, suggesting the United Arab Emirates government is also a major customer.

    Research carried out by Citizen Lab has reported an attack on Mansoor's smartphone.


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