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    Larry, the 10 Downing Street cat, walks on the cabinet table wearing a British Union Jack bow tie ahead of the Downing Street street party, in central London, on April 28, 2011.

    Politi-cats Take Over Downing Street as Feline Tensions Escalate

    © AFP 2019 / Ben Stansall
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    As if Downing Street hasn't got enough on its plate to be dealing with right now, it seems that UK citizens may not be the only ones requiring diplomatic talks post Brexit.

    The four-legged "moew-sters" of Downing Street — Larry, who belongs to newly appointed PM Theresa May and Palmerston, who is the feisty Foreign Office moggy belonging to Boris Johnson — just can't find a resolution to their escalating disputes, and its getting more and more "catty" by the day.

    Boris Johnson (C) and Theresa May (R)
    © AFP 2019 / Andrew Matthews
    Boris Johnson (C) and Theresa May (R)

    All the signs have been there in the last few weeks, leading towards full-scale feline wars, and with latest eye-balling showdowns proving that neither cat is willing to submit.

    It's difficult to say at this stage who is "Top Cat" in the power struggle between the two, although it appears that Larry is getting the brunt of most bruising from Palmerston.

    Larry had just made a triumphant return to the corridors of Number 10 earlier this week after suffering an injured paw from his nemesis Palmerston. But on his return things seemed to be getting worse!

    The scrap between the two turned vicious when the clearly territorial Foreign Office fiend maximized the opportunity to sneak past the door of Number 10 and into the new abode of Theresa May. He was soon spotted by a security guard who moved him on outside.

    Larry has shown that he is having trouble dealing with the instability that has plagued Downing Street recently, and change is proving to be difficult to accept. His reputation for battling with all cats in the neighborhood presides him.

    Larry who has been at Number 10 since 2010, famously also took a vicious swipe at TV news reporter Lucy Manning in his first days in residence. He clearly takes a while to adjust himself to new friends — be they human or of the cat-kind.

    If the catty incidents don't resolve naturally, it may be time to call in the "cat whisperers," but for now, social media is having an all-out "fur-ball" over what's being described as this very un-diplomatic "Coup D'eCAT."


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    Larry the cat appointed chief mouser to the British cabinet office
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