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    Picture taken on December 31, 2015 shows people gathering in front of the main railway station in Cologne, western Germany

    ‘Cologne-Style’ Attacks on Women Reported in Austria, Switzerland

    © AFP 2016/ Markus Boehm / dpa
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    Several women were robbed and sexually harassed in Austria and Switzerland, on New Year's Eve, and there have been about many similar cases also reported in Hamburg and other German cities with the victims saying that they had been robbed, groped and molested by groups of “dark-skinned men,” an Austrian newspaper reported.

    The attacks in Salzburg and Zurich were reported within hours of similar assaults in Cologne where numerous criminal complaints have been filed about robbery and sexual abuse, including two reported rapes by perpetrators who allegedly staged orchestrated attacks on mainly female revelers in the crowds, Der Standard wrote on Thursday.

    Several cases of sexual assaults and robberies have been reported also in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Munich and Frankfurt.

    Picture taken on December 31, 2015 shows people gathering in front of the main railway station in Cologne, western Germany
    © AFP 2016/ Markus BOEHM / dpa
    Picture taken on December 31, 2015 shows people gathering in front of the main railway station in Cologne, western Germany

    Cologne police said on Tuesday that ninety criminal incidents, many involving sexual assaults, were reported following New Year's Eve celebrations in the city.

    The victims described the attackers as gangs of intoxicated Arab or North African men between the ages of 15 and 35.

    Many of the assaults were apparently meant to distract, allowing attackers to snip wallets, cellphones and other devices. Those who tried to fight off the assailants were told in no uncertain terms to get back or face the consequences.

    Media reports said that the attacks appeared to have been organized as around 1,000 young men arrived in large groups, seemingly with the specific intention of carrying out attacks on women.

    On Thursday Cologne police said that most of the suspects in the New Year’s Eve attacks had entered the country only recently and had applied for refugee status. Many of them are migrants from Syria and North Africa.

    A German ex-policeman, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Cologne-style attacks on women are common and routinely hushed up by the authorities.


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    Cologne-style attacks, sexual assaults, complaints, robberies, Western Europe
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      Uncivilised peasants and insecure promiscuous males that need an ultimate form of punishment (castration).
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      Next time have the water hoses ready.
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      Leipzig had right-wing riots very recently. Now this..."
      Guess what's coming.
    • Skevin
      Fantastic: rape conspirationism. An international organisation which would act in several town in germany and several countries! Reported as commited by arabic and black people. Who believe this fairy tale?
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      Ivan Zadorozhny
      The refugess can organize on their own after all.
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      Still trying to sell the hope that these migrants will boost the European economy? Merkel should not only resign. She should be sued for organized crime. All victims of this sexual attacks, which are nothing but "terror on soft targets", should file together in court "Citizens vs. Merkel". Merkel's accusation: Incompetence of extremely large grade, with durable negative impact on German national security". Based on this new version of terror threat which emerged on New Year Eve all around Europe, a new EU legislation for non - EU citizens' deportation should be passed as soon as possible.
    • Aon Duinein reply toSkevin(Show commentHide comment)
      Skevin, Nobody said it was a conspiracy. It's third world barbarians acting the way third world barbarians act. All on their own.
    • avatar
      The politics of the chancellor woman, exchanging the German People, seems to work now. There are record numbers of educated Germans leaving the country to emigrate to the UK and USA.
    • Skevinin reply toAon Duine(Show commentHide comment)
      Aon Duine, I say this is a conspiracy. Who could believe that migrants who are in their large majority victims of terrorists, who sometimes fought against them have organised attacks in different town in Germany, Austria Switzerland (correlated ones as the described modus operandi is the same). Moreover, the content of the articles and witnesses declaration is vague and inconsistant. The different newspapers use copy paste technic. It looks like organised propaganda as for AMD, Gadhafi viagra container ... It looks like an action helping Daech rather than fighting against terrorism.
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      Think about something else in this situation. How come that these guys have come to this idea about a fairly sensitive subject while being able to be organised, synchronised and effective yet the German police proved to be quite impotent and the German politicians even more so because they are being hanged by their political correctness. Would it cross into the realm of conspiracy and utter speculation (which it is at this moment as I do not have any proof to prove otherwise) to say the chaos is being orchestrated by (at this moment) an invisible conductor?
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      You really don't want to mess with a country where practically all the citizens carry rifles...
    • Pelagiusin reply toSkevin(Show commentHide comment)
      Skevin, exactly. Stirring up hatred and anti-refugee/foreigner propaganda while the west is the reason for these people to flee their countries by continuing wars.
      The West is destroying the entire planet and is still blaming others for lack of moral conduct... pathetic

      But of course, as Santayana said, history will repeat itself if you haven`t learned the lesson and I must say, that the europeans haven`t understood anything after the grief, harm, misery, destruction and cruelty of the World Wars... So they are likely to have the same scenario again
    • Skevinin reply toPelagius(Show commentHide comment)
      Pelagius, thanks for support. It is needed. An eternal story. When in 1933 Hitler came to power, a lot of opponents to nazism tried to find refuge in France. They were hunted till when Hitler after 1940 could send them in extermination camps. At the time french autorities helped Hitler. Today, while claiming that they defend our civilization, quite a lot of people help daech and terrorists to prosecute their opponents and victims. The question is do they believe in their own story?
    • Pelagiusin reply toSkevin(Show commentHide comment)
      Skevin, Hitler was not the man he claimed to be and he was not seekingto better the condition of the Germans; in my opinion he was a british agent, supported by the Catholic church (see Jesuits, Knights of Malta).

      As to your comment concerning daesh: of course one might wonder why Turkey as NATO-state is supported, why the Wahhabi-connection (most fundamentalist sect of Islam) is upheld, why the influx of refugees suddenly occured as Erdogan is a Lackey of the US, UK and Israel.
      Tensions between the populations are created and the most dangerous factions to our all freedom, the elites, are once again totally left out while putting the puzzle together.
      We will have civil war in Europe and the Jews of yesterday are the Muslims of today. People haven`t understood one bit of what is happening around the world, they will pay a costly price. Keep up your individualist approach although you are not all alone and there are some people who started questioning mass-media and the false doctrines propagated around the globe.
      Vow never to forget, that what is most important in life is justice and love for all creation, all peoples of this earth.
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      Russians are lucky they have Putin to care for them and not allow his own people to become victims of these animals. I'd say more than anything the reason the Western media attacks Putin and they have placed sanctions on Russia is because he opposes globalism. They are the very same people who began a petition to ban Trump from England. Russia and America could become best allies with Trump as President and we can defeat these destructive globalists together.
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      rmukarutabanain reply toSkevin(Show commentHide comment)
      Skevin, Exactly. Well organised and coordinated by some central agency.
      European males need to learn how to defend their women. Apparently these attackers told them to get back or else - and they meekly complied.
      Who has so emasculated the Western male that they wring their hands impotently?
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      Observerin reply tormukarutabana(Show commentHide comment)
      Rmukarutabana, in highly civilized society as the European one, women do not need to be protected against attackers. It was not our reality before the country "where practically all the citizens carry rifles..." as bo20 says above, decided to colonize us using bigger arms than this guy talks about, and mobilizing its central agency, as you mentioned, and flooding our lands with invaders.

      European society is not adjusted to violence, mentally and physically, like the Americans who kill each other over argument who to use the family washing machine. Thus. we may fall victim of the incompetence of its own governments.

      You could not expect pets (read Europeans) to survive fighting the street dogs (read the Americans who already killed couple of their own presidents). Europe simply shouldn't have entered a competition which Europe is not prepared for. Neither European countries (France, Italy, Germany) should've be joining the US in their crimes around the globe.

      Europe was the world's swing of culture and sophistication, it was our competitive advantage and may be our role - until greedy European corporations decided to change our profile and join forces with its US counterparts promising them TTIP - access to the European promised land.

      Now, when EU citizens said "no to TTIP" - the torture started - at all fronts.
    • Adrienne Adonis
      These low life migrant pieces of crap will do nothing but turn these countries into 3rd world whore houses. They need to be dealt with brut force ! There is no other way to deal with this animals. Merkel sold out Germany to those that can't stand the German people and the Europeans way of life. Since the police are being told but Merkels puppets to not do anything then the end result is that the German people need to take matters into their own hands. It's their right to protect themselves and their community.
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      jasin reply toAon Duine(Show commentHide comment)
      Aon Duine, I wouldn't consider the "migrants" as a true representation of anything but the West's (mostly NATO) plan to import thugs to Europe and displace the tradition culture and create chaos.
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