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    US Tries to Collide Russia and Europe With Sanctions - Chinese Media

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    Sanctions against Russia do not have a significant impact on the US economy, which is why the White House is in no hurry to cancel them, thus preferring to escalate the confrontation on the European continent, claims China's official press agency.

    The White House is urging its European partners to follow its "recommendations" on sanctions against Russia in order to aggravate the confrontation between Brussels and Moscow, according to a commentary from the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

    The US is seeking to make the most of the confrontation on the European continent, while it has few economic ties with Russia and experiences little  tangible impact from the sanctions, according to the commentary.

    The Europeans, for their part, have already paid a heavy price for imposing economic measures against Russia and understand that the sanctions will not result in anything beneficial. The situation could be more harmful for the EU economy than the Russian one.

    In recent months, this has pushed the leaders and citizens of some European countries to the call for the softening or lifting of the sanctions, but the US has felt comfortable enough to not go ahead with this.

    The White House explains sanctions against Russia were the result of the Ukrainian crisis, however, according to Xinhua, the imposition of sanctions is an irrational tool and has never helped anyone break a deadlock. The only correct way to resolve the crisis is via a political dialogue, the commentary concludes.


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