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    Macer Gifford, a former UCL student, joined the ranks of Kurdish fighting units who stopped the spread of ISIL in northern Syria

    Top UK School Defends ISIL by Banning Pro-Kurdish Speaker From Public Talk

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    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)

    Britain’s University College London (UCL) banned a former student from speaking about his experience fighting alongside with Kurdish troops against ISIL in the Middle East, thus censoring the criticism of the notorious terrorist organization in public.

    The UCL's decision was called a controversial act and sparked accusations that one of the top British public universities acts like an ISIL PR-manager, not willing to spread the truth about the terrorist organization to the British public.

    Macer Gifford, a former UCL student, joined the ranks of Kurdish fighting units who stopped the spread of ISIL in northern Syria. As Gifford returnd to Britain, Britain's Kurdish society invited him to talk about his first-hand experience fighting against ISIL at UCL.

    However, the university's students' union rejected the idea, banning Gifford's planned talk, arguing that "in every conflict there are two sides, and at UCLU we want to avoid taking sides in conflicts."

    "Basically like everyone else I was watching the rise of Islamic State, utterly horrified… I was even more horrified that the British and the American governments weren't doing much to help. They didn't have a coherent and coercive policy then, and they don't particularly have one now. So I decided to go out and join the YPG, and to fight myself," Gifford told RT in an exclusive interview.

    Well, it looks like the British institution decided not to take sides in the ongoing Syrian conflict and is in fact trying to censor the criticism of ISIL.

    Of course, there are two sides of the story: one side is that the people of Kurdistan are fighting to resist the brutal ISIL regime; and the other side is Caliphate-seeking Islamic fundamentalists, who cut off the heads of their prisoners, burn people in cages, trade slaves, stone adulterers, and kill everyone who doesn't agree with their crazy ideology. It looks like a pretty easy choice to pick a side on this one, eh? But apparently not for UCL officials, who chose to keep their moral "neutrality."    

    Violence Erupts as Islamic State Rises (1881)


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