14:13 GMT06 May 2021
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    German authorities are willing to create conditions for a world free of nuclear weapons, but the current situation worldwide does not allow for the complete abandonment of nuclear weapons, German government spokesman Christiane Wirtz said.

    Member of the Left Party in the German Bundestag Alexander Neu considers Moscow’s fears regarding the deployment of new American nuclear missiles on the German territory justified and criticized the German authorities.

    According to Neu, the issue of the modernization of the US nuclear arsenal in Germany is not new. German authorities have been informed about the US plans to upgrade its nuclear weapons for a long time.

    As German media reported earlier, Bundeswehr airbase "Büchel" will soon begin preparations to host the upgraded US nuclear arsenal.

    The politician also mentioned that Russia has now also announced plans to replenish the arsenal of the Russian Armed Forces with more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles, adding that the aggregated actions between Russia and the United States will not bring peace to international relations and will only complicate the situation worldwide.

    As for Moscow's concerns on the issue, Neu considers them justified.

    "The development of a missile defense system is definitely a threat to Russia," Neu said. “At least now, when there is an agreement with Iran, and Iran has always been a moot point for NATO,” Neu added.

    At the same time, official representative of the German government Christiane Wirtz voiced the government's position on the issue on Wednesday.

    According to the representative, German authorities are promoting the idea of a peaceful world free of nuclear weapons, but the current situation makes it impossible to fully abandon the atomic arsenal.

    "The vision of a nuclear-free world, of course, does exist, but it should be said that in the light of the current situation the government has to follow an approach, according to which action must be taken step by step and with certain pragmatism,” Wirtz said.

    “The goal of a nuclear-free world does exist, but the reality does not currently correspond to it. Therefore, we are talking about how to create the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons and reduce their role," the spokesman added.


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