07:31 GMT22 June 2021
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    Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine” has received probably the most ridiculous charge ever: its logo represents the colors of Russia.

    It would be funny, if it were not so sad: the letter was signed by the chief of the National TV and radio Council, and it may have the severest consequences for the broadcaster.

    Citing citizens’ complaints, he demanded the owner’s “comprehensive explanations” in regard to the TV channel’s logo comprising red, blue and white – the “colors of the flag of aggressor country Russia.”

    Ukraine 112 document 1
    © Photo : Ukraine 112
    Ukraine 112 document 1

    The letter contained an enclosed print copy of an enraged reader slamming the TV channel for “constant trolling”, “fake experts” and “unprofessionalism” and demanding that it be fined for “displaying the aggressor’s flag colors”.

    Ukraine 112 document 2
    © Photo : Ukraine 112
    Ukraine 112 document 2

    “112 Ukraine” was launched in November 2013. In June 2015 it surpassed its closest rival – Petro Poroshenko’s TV channel 5 – by two times in the share of news programs.

    The TV channel in response called on the National TV and Radio Council’s chief to “stop suppressing independent broadcasters and finding fault with senseless things.”

    It also reminded that Petro Poroshenko’s TV channel 5 has a logo whose red color resembles a communist flag – something the president has outlawed.

    5 Channel
    © Wikipedia / Nazum
    5 Channel

    The TV channel also reprimanded the National TV and Radio Council’s chief for failing to note that the red, blue and white colors also resemble the flags of France, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia and the United States.

    It is time to inform Ukraine’s EU partners and the United States that their flags represent the Russian flag, which is an unforgivable mistake, the official’s logic hints.

    Maybe Petro Poroshenko should ink a decree and outlaw the three colors in Ukraine.


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