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    There May Come a Day Europeans Will Ask Russia for Help - Journalist

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    In foreseeable future, it is possible that Christians and atheists will save themselves from Islamic radicals and flee their countries. Only Russia would be able to protect them and resist a new world order which is being imposed by Western leaders, Czech journalist Ladislav Kasuka believes.

    Someday most Europeans may seek protection from religious radicals in Russia and ask it for help, Czech journalist Ladislav Kasuka wrote in an article for Czech Free Press.

    "In foreseeable future, it is possible that Christians and atheists will save themselves from Islamic radicals and flee their countries where streets will go down in flames and cultural monuments will be destroyed," the journalist claimed.

    He says the same happened to Iraqi and Syrian people.

    Kasuka underscores that it were Western leaders who came up with "a plan of mass displacement of nations".

    "Their plan is to drown the world into violence and chaos which they will use later for a crackdown and establishing an unprecedented totalitarian regime, ranging from an espionage policy and video surveillance systems to phone-tapping and implanting chips into people’s bodies!" the journalist believes.

    Of course, he ironically says, all of the above would be done to establish and maintain peace and order.

    The journalist expresses hope that such a nightmare scenario can be prevented.

    The number of refugees would be somehow strictly controlled. Additionally, immigrants with suspicious documents would be sent back to their native countries or to the US, the country responsible for destroying their homelands, Kasuka hypothesizes.

    However he is sure that the new world order plan is not aimed at solving the problem.

    "There may come a day when most of ordinary and not rich Europeans will flee to Russia and will ask it for help and shelter. This is because Russia is the last powerful and large European country which is not part of the EU and it does not have to obey orders issued by insane people in Brussels (they, in their turn, receive orders from Washington madmen). Russian would have enough territory for European refuges. What is more important, the Russian army is enough large and strong to protect the Russian people from the chaos that would follow the refugees!" the journalist claims.


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