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    Finnish Media Panics, Cries Wolf After Discovering Underwater Cables

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    Finland is freaking out after it found three unknown cables on the bottom of the sea in its territorial waters, Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported.

    Two of the cables are hydrophone cables, while the third one is likely to be a connection cable. The Finnish government is currently unaware where the cables come from, the newspaper said.

    The two hydrophone cables have microphones in them and are used to detect submarines. Such cables are used by navies of many countries, the Finnish newspaper reported.

    As of late, Scandinavian countries have been on high alert, fearing a mysterious Russian threat in the area. Sweden has been particularly obsessed with the threat of "Russia's possible aggression."

    Last month, activists from the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) used "gay propaganda" to fend off alleged Russian submarines, supposedly lurking in Swedish waters.

    The activists installed a subsurface sonar system called "The Singing Sailor," which sends out Morse code to any visitors nearby with the message:

    "Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944. This way if you're gay."

    The Russian threat paranoia started last year after Sweden claimed that it allegedly spotted a Russian submarine in its territorial waters. Although the Swedish military claimed the submarine was Russian, it could neither confirm where it came from nor locate the mysterious submarine.

    Although Finland hasn't pointed its finger at Russia, blaming Moscow for the unknown underwater cables, it wouldn't be surprising if Helsinki did so amid the heightened paranoia of "the Eastern threat" across Scandinavia.


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