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    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (1049)

    The Right Sector nationalist group has found a new enemy to cross swords with - a looming LGBT pride march in Kiev. The leader turned the tables on Europe for the moral decay of the Ukrainian nation.

    Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh lashed out at the so called "March of Equality" of LGBT representatives slated for June 6 in Kiev, scolding the inculcation of "sex perversions" instilled into the Ukrainian society by Europe.

    Yarosh pointed out that LGBT members picked the right moment to undermine the moral pillars of Ukraine, when the military conflict in Donbass has erupted yet again and society has had to stay as united as ever. 

    "The LGBT are building up their activities. Even now, when the fighting in the East has intensified, they plan a series of measures including their "mini gay parade" — "March of Equality". It's not just an activity aimed at moral decay of the Ukrainian people, but also a spit on the graves of those who died fighting for Ukraine, and on the living defenders of the Homeland, too," Yarosh wrote on his Facebook page.

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    Posted by Дмитро Ярош on Thursday, 4 June 2015

    Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and Gay Dictatorship         

    The Right Sector leader blamed LGBTs for having a deceitful and insidious nature:

    "They position themselves as defenders of "innocent victims" who suffer from "homophobia". But in deed and not in name, they practice a very aggressive ideology that does not tolerate dissent."

    The hard-boiled nationalist anticipated that cunning LGBT members would try to lobby "severe, totalitarian laws" in Ukraine and suggested that his Facebook post would be punishable.

    Yarosh Accuses Europe of Stirring Up LGBT Ideology to Grab Power in Ukraine

    The leader of the Right Sector, one of the most active participants of the Euromaidan last year, suddenly blasted Europe for inciting LGBT sentiments in Ukraine. According to him, "the West exerts serious pressure on the current Kiev power to force it to inculcate the LGBT ideology more actively. Let's think now, does Ukraine need such Eurointegration, when someone gives their law to us?"  Yarosh charged France and Germany with supporting Ukraine's enemies. "We are fighting for our freedom not to get someone abroad to rule us," he said.

    Yarosh concluded that Ukraine should seek a union with Poland, Romania and the Baltic States.

    "A slavish idolatry before the colossus with feet of clay — the EU as a whole — won't give us anything good."

    Right Sector's New Holy War

    Dmytro Yarosh pledged to fight away the gay invasion of Ukraine.

    "We have enough work to do, but the actualities make us pay our attention to this evil", and "impede the plans of the haters of the Homeland, morality and traditional views of humans."

    On May 4 Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko called on the organizers of the "March of Equality" to abstain from conducting the event.

    According to Gordon.ua, Right Sector fighters in Kiev earlier promised to make every effort to "prevent that obscene orgy."

    Ukraine's General Staff reacted to the controversial march, too. Enlistment officers may visit the march and hand in draft notices to the activists, UNN reported.

    The Right Sector is an extremist union of Ukrainian nationalists who are infamous for numerous atrocities, including the Odessa massacre on May 2, 2014, in which 48 people were killed.

    After Minsk: Will Peace Come to Ukraine? (1049)


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