07:03 GMT24 January 2021
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    A businessman from Ukraine, who recently left the country, told the German magazine “Der Tagesspiegel” that after the events on Maidan Square the situation has significantly deteriorated.

    The situation in the country became much worse after Maidan events, a Ukrainian businessman who recently left the country told the German magazine “Der Tagesspiegel.”

    The man, called “Vadim” by the magazine, said that corruption and bribery became even more widespread than before, with bandits demanding higher "protection fees," which were a usual practice in the Ukrainian business sector in previous years.

    For a short period of time, the situation changed in a positive way and they were “in the seventh heaven,” Vadim said. But then the bandits again came to power, and "the new mafia," working in conjunction with the corrupt police, became even stronger.

    "Earlier there were men with Kalashnikovs who came and demanded money. Today, they come with an official letter from corrupt officials with whom they work and ask for more."

    Vadim claims that laws adopted by the new Kiev government to combat corruption are just a fiction.
    He also said the mafia in Lviv tried to blackmail him after he refused to pay the bribe. The bandits threatened to poison his guard dogs and hang out the flag of the People's Donetsk Republic on his house.


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