19:05 GMT12 August 2020
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    Approximately 54 tonnes of extra-terrestrial rocks reach Earth every day, including interplanetary dust, meteoroids and asteroids, according to the European Space Association (ESA).

    A stunning view of a flying fireball in the night sky was captured by photographer Chris Small in the seaside resort town of Bude, northeast Cornwall, England, at 23:24 GMT on 21 January, the European Space Association (ESA) reported.

    "It was incredible, and lit up the entire coast almost as bright as daytime for a few seconds. There were beautiful green and blue colours", the photographer said.

    ​The fireball was spotted by five observers, according to the International Meteor Organization that collects meteor observations from all over the world.

    ​The International Meteor Organisation also published a map with the meteor's trajectory, showing that the rock fell into the Bristol Channel.

    Map of Flying Meteor
    Map of Flying Meteor

    Hundreds of fireballs hit Earth each year, according to the ESA. This rock appears to have been a big meteoroid, probably reaching a full metre in diameter.

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