13:12 GMT11 August 2020
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    Australia has been ravaged by the worst wildfires in decades. At least 24 people and millions of animals have been killed since the fire season began in July, and thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged.

    The press-service of the Royal Australian Air Force has published a video showing the extreme conditions pilots have been facing while working to fight wildfires and evacuate people from the most affected areas.

    The first clip shows the crew of a C-27J Spartan attempting to land at Mallacoota, Victoria, where people are waiting to be evacuated. That flight was successful, the press-service wrote.

    The second clip shows another crew aboard a C-130J Hercules attempting to land at Merimbula, New South Wales, to deliver Fire and Rescue NSW personnel. Unfortunately, due to the lack of visibility, they were unable to land.

    Record-breaking temperatures, drought and strong winds have caused a series of massive wildfires across Australia in the past few months. At least 24 people and millions of animals have been killed.   

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