19:06 GMT +321 October 2019
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    WATCH Russian Village Plagued With Biblical Invasion of Flies

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    Swarms of flies are immersing houses, fences, and cars in the Urals, driving people there mad. However, as it turned out, it was not the Almighty who had brought about the scourge, but a local farmer, reports suggest. He had allegedly ordered a poultry plant to dump chicken excrement on a field, thereby creating a perfect larvae farm.

    Villagers in Lazorevy in the Urals’ Sverdlovsk region have been struggling with an invasion of flies, bringing to memory the Biblical plagues of Egypt, Russian broadcaster VGTRK reports. The insects covered buildings and cars, with myriads of them buzzing around locals. The report says that local shops have run out of repellents. Meanwhile, local users are sharing creepy clips online.

    The report links the invasion to a local farmer who ordered a chicken plant to dump faeces from the time period of summer 2018 to March 2019 onto a neighbouring field without permission. Although the plot was disinfected, this has not helped get rid of the maggots. Local authorities are now investigating the matter.


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