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    In this file photo taken on March 29, 2017 Commuters walks over Westminster bridge by the Houses of Parliament in central London on March 29, 2017.

    The Swamp is Getting Deeper

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    Bored of the election? Yes, so am I. So, here’s a ‘modest proposal’ to make things easier in the future. Let’s scrap elections.

    Instead of all these political parties let’s just form two alliances and abandon all of the small irritating little parties that get in the way of the Big Beasts and let the MSM decide who should govern the UK.

    Alternatively let the wholly unelected Common Purpose, Cultural Marxists in the establishment openly rule us. Let’s stop the pretence that our vote actually counts.

    I’ve been ill the last two days with this stomach bug that’s going around. A wag on twitter suggested it was ‘electionitus’. He could be right as the election and the politicians are making me sick! But if so there is no known cure which is annoying as I thought the Brexit vote was going to change politics and the UK for good. I thought our vote for freedom would actually change things but it has changed sweet FA, we are still all blighted by the plague of self-serving politicians.

    The truth is that politics hasn’t changed during this election and it won’t change afterwards, whoever wins.

    If Nigel Farage’s accusations are only half right about his candidates being offered honours or jobs by the Conservatives than democracy is in a very perilous place.

    Farage has already given 317 seats away to the Tories but that wasn’t enough for them. He says that he turned down their fifty pieces of silver in the shape of a peerage so now according to him they have tried to buy off 11 of his colleagues.

    One thing is for sure, the decision by Rupert Lowe to stand down in Walsall just seconds before nominations were closed is very odd indeed.

    Yesterday, Farage was in the fishing ports of Grimsby and Hull but nothing smells fishier than Lowe’s timing. Of course, it is okay if he wants to stand aside but Lowe should have allowed another Brexit party member a chance to take his place.

    Rupert has not only stitched up Nigel, he has also denied people in Walsall their democratic right to a choice to vote for the Brexit party.

    This is almost a modern form of gerrymandering and should be outlawed. But this has become a defining characteristic of this tawdry election, right across the political spectrum, with alliances of the Remainiacs also denying people the right to vote Green or whatever in particular constituencies.

    We even have the ridiculous scenario that Farage can’t vote for the Brexit party in his own constituency as there is no longer a candidate!

    Democracy denied

    The Brexit referendum was meant to change politics for good. Even Boris said it was about taking back control.

    People voted to leave, not just because of the EU, but also because they were sick to the back teeth of establishment politicians ignoring them and fiddling their expenses and ignoring anyone outside of their Westminster bubble.

    However, the truth is nothing has changed since June 23, 2016 and in fact things have got worse. Many people have less electoral choice or a way to express their frustration than ever before.

    The Brexit dream has died

    The same two big parties are having the same arguments and are busy playing a macho game of, ‘I can spend more cash than you’. They are making promises that you know, and I know they will never keep. It is fantasy politics and fantasy finance.

    Corbyn’s idea to fund a broadband revolution is a good one. It is disgraceful that rural communities in particular have not got equal access to broadband. However, the idea is about 20 years too late and won’t happen as it means renationalising BT. An idea that’s as welcome as breaking wind in a lift.

    Both sides are promising more cops, but again it’s too little too late as the feral, the feckless and the downright violent have already taken over the streets of most of our big cities.

    The NHS Football

    Then of course there’s the big political football, the NHS. Both sides talk big but both refuse to discuss the real problem as it is almost heresy to criticize the NHS. However, the plain stark facts are that there has never been, and there certainly isn’t now, enough cash to fund the NHS for the number of people who want to use it.

    The harsh reality is we will and do need to pay for parts of the service we get for free and take for granted.

    Why on earth are people not charged for missing appointments? Why have we not clamped down on health tourism? Why are people getting boob jobs on the NHS? Why can prisoners get sex change operations? And that is just your starters for ten!

    It’s just a plain cold economic fact but no one is brave enough to confront this. No one will even have the debate without screams of privatisation or accusations that Donald Trump is going to steal our NHS!

    It is frankly, flipping stupid.

    So, we carry on with Labour attacking the government for the latest A and E figures just as the Tories did when they were in opposition.

    Meanwhile Doctors keep bleating about lack of cash and believing that there is a secret magic porridge pot of money. There is NOT.

    Meanwhile people are still dying in hospital corridors or being denied a two quid cancer drug whilst we spend billions on foreign aid.

    We need a long-term plan for the funding of the NHS which is not based on a five-year electoral cycle but politicians don’t believe there are votes in that concept do they?

    The Swamp is not Drained

    Pritti Patel talked tough on immigration yesterday but it means nothing too as we are still going to be subject to open borders and free movement for years yet.

    For god’s sake the EU is now threatening to sue the UK for not appointing an EU commissioner!

    Forget Hotel California this is the equivalent of a Blackpool landlady locking the front door at ten pm if you’re late home and still charging you for bed and breakfast.

    Meanwhile people’s misery over the floods is being politicised by both sides and the Boris mop photo opportunity was plain daft. Just as was the Labour accusation that Boris would have acted quicker if this flooding had happened in in the south!

    The reality is both sides, when in power, have allowed developers to build on flood plains and have cut back on drainage and dredging of our rivers.

    Everyone paving over their front gardens to park their multiple cars hasn’t helped either I am afraid we all have to take responsibility instead of playing the blame game.

    It’s all pathetic and the British people know it and this is why most people are not showing much interest in the election.

    We have NOT taken back control and I am afraid that the swamp isn’t getting drained, if anything it is getting deeper and I’m feeling really sick about that.

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