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    A Union flag is pictured flying in Westminster, and at the Houses of Parliament in central London on January 16, 2019.

    Vote, Just Vote!

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    Game on! At last, we get the General Election we have all been demanding. Now let’s not waste the opportunity to start draining the swamp.

    It was depressing to see on Twitter this morning that people were saying that they are so fed up with all politicians and are not going to bother to vote in December.

    Don’t be so stupid! This is one of the most important elections in our history. It is effectively another referendum on Brexit and your vote really does count and I will tell you why.

    I got back from India this morning and the first thing I did was switch the central heating on and then the TV. And guess what? Alistair Campbell was on Sky news pushing his people’s vote nonsense again. Has he been off Sly News and the Beeb in the three weeks I have been away?

    That interview set the tone for the day. Remainiac after remainiac pushing their EU agenda aided and abetted by Sly News and the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

    You see, this is the problem, not only does Boris have to defeat the Labour party and that awful Jo Swinson woman he has also got to beat the mainstream broadcasters and for that to happen he needs the support of us, the people, and indeed Nigel Farage.

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    Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrives at the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels, Belgium October 17, 2019

    Let me be clear I am not really happy with Boris’s deal but at least it gets us out of the EU.

    However, now that we have an election I want Boris to realise that, despite what the polls say about his lead, he cannot win a big enough majority to get any real Brexit deal through without the support of Farage.

    Worse than that is my fear that the Brexit party could actually split the vote and essentially cede constituencies to Jo Swinson or even worse Corbyn.

    Boris and Farage both have to put country before party in this election. Stop the posturing Boris and get Nigel on board.

    Together they are unstoppable and unbeatable and the establishment and the MSM broadcasters know this.

    This is the reason why they are already firing up the political equivalent of anti-aircraft flak with all of these daft stories.

    Starting today with them all wittering on about the cold and the dark nights affecting the vote.

    Give me strength! Imagine if on D Day our lads had said, ‘oh I don’t fancy that Sarge, the sea’s a bit cold today.’

    There was even a guest on Sly News who was encouraging students to get a postal vote, his propaganda line was, “you don’t have to give a reason for voting by post.”

    We should be clamping down on postal voting fraud, not promoting it.

    The only people who should be able to use a postal vote are those serving in the armed forces or with a disability that means they cannot actually get to the polling station. The present system is clearly open to corruption and has been used by some sections of the Labour Party in the past.

    His agenda was clear he wants to get the youth vote out because he knows they are more likely to vote for Crazy Lefties gang.

    I was so relieved that these kinds of people didn’t get their way to lower the voting age to 16. What a ridiculous decision that would have been?

    I don’t know about lowering the age, I would probably increase it. What does a kid at 16 know about the world?

    This is the country’s future we are talking about not bloody X Factor.

    Also, if it’s too cold to go out and vote in December then you don’t really deserve a vote, do you?

    Then almost like clockwork Owen Jones pops up this afternoon on Sky and talks about violent language and even tries to hijack Christmas for Labour saying all politicians should be kinder and reflect the time of the year during the election!

    From what I have seen today the MSM are playing a version of ‘painting politics by numbers.’ Is it possible to lift the debate a little higher than the IQ of a five-year-old?

    I somehow doubt it!

    Even a right of centre think Tank called Onward says it will be ‘Workington Man’ who will win the election. These people clearly have too much time on their hands.

    Their analysis is that their stereotype of an older, Brexit backing, working class man, who lives in a northern rugby league town will swing the election. This stereotype is a traditional Labour voter who cannot stand Corbyn and his commie pals etc.

    I read this garbage in the first paper I picked up and had to check the date and make sure it wasn’t April 1st.

    There is no need to come up with these stereotypes; just leave your Westminster bubble lads and your lardy arsed glass newspaper offices and go and meet real people. It is not Workington man! It is normal men and women who are fed up with the lies and double standards of the self-serving pigs in Westminster who are just waiting to give the elite of all parties a metaphorical bloody nose.

    That is why Amber Rudd is resigning and that Heid Allen woman who says she is exhausted, poor love, has she ever done a real job I wonder?

    They and forty others, so far, are all jumping before their constituents push them …. under a bus.

    That’s why it has taken so long for this election to be called. They aren’t all turkeys and they didn’t want to vote for Christmas.

    This is why you must not waste your vote.

    Do you remember Hughie Green on Opportunity Knocks when he used to tell us to forget the Clapometer in the studio as it is your vote at home that counts and he means it most sincerely!

    We proved that on June 23, 2016 when everyone in the studios told us we were remaining and even the President of the Free world told us which way to vote and we the great British public told them, in no uncertain terms, to stick their predictions where the sun don’t shine.

    Sky News presenters may as well have put the black armbands on today, the way they were mourning the departure of major political figures like Ken Clarke whereas I was polishing my dancing shoes at the sight of these traitors shuffling off the political stage at last.

    I can’t wait to see the back of all of these forty EU lickspittles and BERKow.

    However, and here’s the rub, who will replace the self-serving pigs of Westminster? Well, if it’s just the major parties I have a very strong feeling the song will remain the SHAME.

    However, if there is some form of electoral pact with the Brexit party we may actually get some people in the House of Commons who actually have had a real job or ran a business.

    Make no mistake the Brexit party are going to win seats in this election either with the Tories or without them.

    So, Boris would surely be wiser to remember the famous quote from President Lyndon B Johnson who said of his rival J Edgar Hoover that, “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”

    Boris, for your own sake but more importantly for the sake of our great country start erecting that tent now!

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