20:37 GMT09 July 2020
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    Nigel Farage can’t do right for doing wrong! He gives away over 300 seats and still the Tory MSM call for more!

    Why is Nigel still getting flak when he has done what these people have been screaming for over the past few weeks?

    Farage should not be vilified and he should not be attacked or accused of cowardice or worse, just feathering his own nest. Which other politician has stuck to his word for the best part of 23 years to deliver his vision of an independent UK? Answer: no one. Farage does have integrity whereas many in the House of Muppets could not even spell the word.

    I don’t necessarily agree with him in standing down his candidates but he has made the ultimate sacrifice in my eyes of putting country before party. What a shame other parties or other leaders can’t do the same.

    Unrepresentative Democracy

    I am sure it was a difficult decision but with our outdated and outmoded first past the post system, he was up against it from the beginning. With the complete bias of the MSM towards the big two parties of Labour and the Tories he had to make a move as Boris clearly wasn’t going to.

    Johnson was either too arrogant to agree to a formal pact or he was willing to risk losing the election rather than an entering a full pact with Nigel which as President Trump said would have been unstoppable.

    On radio phone-in after phone-in I hear people saying that they admire and respect Farage but it’s a wasted vote and it’s a straight choice now between Labour and the Conservatives. The Tory propaganda machine has worked wonders.

    So, in essence in this election, millions will vote for the leader or party they dislike the least! Is that your definition of a modern democracy because it isn’t mine.

    Also, how unedifying is it to see a great political party almost begging Nigel Farage to give them a clear run in other seats.

    This, at least, is a tacit acknowledgment of the power Nigel Farage wields in this election and the power he could hold in a hung parliament or if Boris has not got a clear majority.

    Again, this begging of Farage to hand over his potential voters is not my idea of real democracy. What about you?

    Does Boris Believe in Brexit?

    However, combined with facing a so called remain alliance of sixth form Trots, the liberal ‘nondemocrats’ and the rabid nationalists of the SNP, Nigel is left with no real choice but to play along with their games.

    If he didn’t want to face another referendum and years more of us being in the EU and another castrated hung parliament stuffed full of the same kind of people who have betrayed us these past few years, I guess he had to do something.

    He has formed a unilateral Brexit alliance and I hoped that Boris would now reciprocate by standing down his candidates in seats where they haven’t won in over 100 years.

    But the MSM headlines screamed this morning for Nigel to give way on even more seats. They are wrong.

    It is time for Boris to wake up and smell the coffee. He could call on Nigel to be more strategic in where he stands as just a blanket stand down in existing Tory seats is a blunt weapon, that could still let Remainers get back in. I would prefer him to be much more selective and effective by also targeting some Labour held Remainer seats where the Tories could win if the leave vote wasn’t split.

    That said where the Brexit Party have a chance of gaining a seat I want Nigel to put all the resources he can into winning that seat and Boris could give way. The Tory candidate in Hartlepool where Brexit chairman Richard Tice is standing has already shown willing and stood down. Good man, let’s see more of this please, Boris if you really believe in Brexit and country before Party.

    I agree with Nigel Farage who said this morning that the calls on him to make more concessions were 'almost comical'. 

    He is bang on the money and totally right to say, “I've just gifted the Conservative Party nearly two dozen seats and I did it because I believe in Leave. Now if they believed in Leave what they would do is stand aside in some seats in Labour areas where the Conservative Party has not won for 100 years and will never win.”

    It’s hard to disagree with Farage when he concludes, “I think what you're seeing from this reaction is for the Conservative Party it is about them as a party, not about delivering Brexit.”

    However, Boris knows that just a handful of Brexit MPs, like the DUP in the last Parliament, could wield immense influence and power over Boris and policy.  

    Farage is Mr Bexit

    Let’s be straight, although Boris has been talking about a Canada style deal and playing the right mood music you always have to remember that Boris is often a stranger to the truth.

    However, don’t be naive and think there have not been negotiations going on. Of course, there has been; how else or why else would Nigel be able to claim he was offered a peerage for giving way on seats.

    I called for a formal electoral pact right from the beginning and so I can cope with this unofficial one even if it is not perfect so at least we get some form of Brexit even if it is imperfect. 

    Twitter was alive yesterday with people slagging off Farage and suggesting he has only conceded because he wants to be in the Lords or knighted. They all conveniently forgetting of course that he says has already turned this down. But of course, on Twitter, in politics and the biased MSM truth and facts are never that important.

    As for a peerage or knighthood?

    Well excuse me, when all this nonsense is over Nigel Farage does deserve an honour as he is Mr Brexit and Boris should never forget it and recognise it.

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