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    Boris Johnson is seen outside his office after being announced as Britain's next Prime Minister in London, Britain July 23, 2019

    Give Us a General Election!

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    Boris struck Gold when he delivered the Olympics for London. However, he now deserves a medal for the way his appointment as Tory Leader and our new PM has wound up the left, the snowflakes, the Twitter mob and of course our Lamestream controlled MSM and BBC news and Sly News.

    It is a joy to watch these morons spit out their bile and bias as they try to compute that we now have a leader that they will struggle to cope with or control.

    I am not massive fan of Boris, as I have said on many occasions, but amongst the self-servers who infect the House of Muppets he is our best hope of getting what we all voted for three years ago.

    I also believe, as I stated before, he will only do this with the aid of Nigel Farage so I would prefer it if he accepted that fact now, rather than after the inevitable General election that is going to happen.

    It is great to see Farage now suggest an election pact (has he been reading my columns?!) It is also brilliant that Donald Trump thinks that this is a good idea too.

    Let's be honest whichever way Boris plays the next few months there will be a General Election sooner rather than later as that is the only way he will get Brexit, and at the same time drain the swamp.

    But unless the Brexit Party and the Conservatives come to some form of pact then they risk splitting the vote and the nightmare scenario that Comrade Corbyn could get into power.

    One of Boris’s first appointments has been Dominic Cummings, the mastermind behind the Vote Leave Campaign, as one of his most senior advisers.

    This appointment is a great signal that he truly believes that Brexit means Brexit.

    There is evidently bad blood between Farage and Cummings but both men should now work together with Boris to give us what we voted for.

    It also looks like Boris's cabinet is going to be very pro-Brexit and diverse with Pritti Patel an inspired choice as Home Secretary. This woman is tough, determined and possesses a very sharp brain.

    However, Cummings and Patel will provide loads of ammunition for those in the Party and the MSM to continue to attack Boris with.

    The vicious attacks on him were of course led by the disgraceful tweet from, so-called social commentator, Yasmin Alibahi-Brown who tweeted:

    ​I hit back with a tweet, which I still stand by, "What a foul and disgusting attack on Boris Johnson and his girlfriend. You would go crazy if anyone dared to be personal about you. What a stinking hypocrite you are. Your use of "mistress" and "still married man" is both silly and from the dark ages. Grow up you bitter woman".

    This tweet got a massive reaction on Twitter with people reminding me that of course, Yasmin had stated in a Guardian article months ago that she would leave the Country if Boris ever became leader. So, could someone call her an Uber as I am positive no Black Cabbie would drive her to the airport!

    Now that’s a bit personal and I apologise. Of course, I could also bring up the fact that her husband left her for a much younger woman which she has also written about but I am too much of a Gentleman to do that! However, her attitude and attack on Boris’ girlfriend are the kind of divisive words we need to get rid of. Don’t the left keep telling us that politics is broken and we need to come together?

    Yes, they do, but the "coming together" they really mean is that those of us who voted leave and won should now tug our forelock to our betters, the Cultural Marxists and accept we got it wrong.

    Don’t believe me? Well did you see the BBC News last night? I was expecting them to be wearing black armbands as they presented the death of democracy as they see it with Boris’s election.

    Yesterday, I was driving home from the airport when I had to listen to BBC Five DEAD and they had the same tone in their "reporting" and then proceeded to declare that Boris was a dead man walking already! The coverage was pathetic and childish.

    Love him or loathe him he is now our leader and he was elected democratically. But which part of democracy do these people not understand? They certainly do not believe in giving ‘losers’ consent’ so that we can all move on and that is largely why we are in the mess we are in today.

    Taking their lead from the MSM the Twitter mob got up to full frothing at the mouth fury with a hashtag developing of #notmyPrimeminister. Pathetic truly pathetic but then to top it all a children’s author, Matt Haig, put up a tweet which said:

    ​Not exactly Enid Blyton, I am sure you would agree!

    When people attacked him for this silly filth and some questioned if he was mental, he pulled out the ‘mental health card’ and tweeted, "Funny how Boris Johnson fans think calling me ‘mentally ill’ is going to be an insult. I literally wrote a book about having a breakdown".

    Sorry Petal, but how are we meant to know that? Most people haven’t even got a clue who you are mate. I refer you to my previous comment about Enid Blyton.

    Also, was your original tweet capable of being interpreted as anything other than the product of a fevered or troubled mind. And we let you write books for kids!?

    But Matt Haig is just one example of the Remaniacs and their hypocritical mindset. The sort of people who probably couldn’t be bothered to vote in the original referendum and then have not stopped bitching and moaning about the result since.

    Boris, aided and abetted hopefully by Farage, Cummings and Pritti must now kill this nonsense once and for all by fulfilling the majority’s wishes.

    Those who do not wish to live in a free Sovereign nation have every right, and in most cases, a fresh Irish EU passport, to leave. I mean why would you want to keep living in this toxic, nationalistic, elitist anti-elite, paradoxical populist dumbass simplistic reactionary militaristic dangerous xenophobic bollo*ks of a country? Matt?

    Of course, Yasmine, (is she at the airport yet?) and Matt and all the other losers who are losing it on twitter have a perfect right to stay in our democratic country and express their views if they wish. But what they do not have is the right to thwart the democratic will of the people.

    They are and have been acting like spoilt children at the supermarket checkout doing the dying fly and screaming "it’s not fair". Correct, life is not always fair and you cannot always get what you want, a message of course which the Three Unwise Monkeys, Blair, Major and Brown should also learn.

    There used to be a very unpolitical correct expression which was: spare the rod and spoil the child. Well I hope Boris now has the balls to realise that we have had enough of tolerating these children and tacitly condoning their childish behaviour whether it is Geldof on the Thames, Femi (just who is funding him?), deselected Tories like Grieve, failed PMs, war criminals or the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and the lickspittles of Sly News.

    The people voted for Brexit. Give us a bloody General Election and we will vote for Boris to finally deliver it. Then we will have a bright future and we will put the GREAT back into BRITAIN.

    The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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