12:08 GMT11 July 2020
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    Did you go in to that election booth and tell the Elite what you really think about the self-serving pigs in Westminster who have betrayed us the people? I did and I was lucky to do it in two ways as we had two elections at the same time, one for the Town Council and one for the District.

    They gave me a green slip and a white one. I don't know which was which and I was not bothered. This whole exercise was merely a protest. So, on the one where there was an UKIP candidate I voted for them, on the other one there was no UKIP so I wrote right across it, ‘YOU HAVE BETRAYED US. WE WANT OUR BREXIT.' I was so angry it may as well have been written in red or green ink and I rammed it in the ballot box slit.

    It appears that I wasn't alone in my anger going by the results that are now coming in from around the UK.  Poll counts have taken much longer than normal due to the sheer number of spoilt or protest ballot papers. According to BBC Essex there were over 800 protest spoilt papers in Basildon alone.

    Labour and the Tories have been sent a clear message, you are traitors and you have betrayed us.

    I see some people have voted Lib Dem, after all they were traditionally the party of local government but in my opinion, these are wasted votes and of no real national significance as per usual.

    The Greens have picked up a few seats as well and now some political dimwits are trying to suggest that this is because we are getting more interested in climate change. Well, at the risk of peeing on their parade I would urge them to take a rain check because the message of last night was clear, whether you are a remainer of a leaver, the shower in Westminster have let us all down.

    What a pity there wasn't a third voting slip last night for a general election with the Brexit party on the list? I and millions of others would have voted for the Brexit Party without a moment of hesitation.

    If there had been that option, both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn would be toast this morning.  

    Obviously, because of our first past the post, outdated and corrupt voting system Nigel Farage wouldn't be measuring up the curtains in number 10 yet but the whole political landscape would be changed for ever.

    Corbyn and May however, are this morning staring at the end of their careers and possibly political parties and they will now do everything possible to make sure the threat of Farage on the horizon is defeated or at least averted.

    So, one definite that is going to come out of our democratic vote yesterday, is that these two traitors will now stitch up a shabby lousy deal involving a customs union where we leave the EU in name only. We will still pay but have no say. In other words, the betrayal, the treason, will actually continue.

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    There is no way that they are going to let us and Farage deliver them both a real bloody nose in the EU elections so they will do everything to get them cancelled. We must not allow this to happen and if it does I am convinced that people will not be looking at the ballot box to change things. This country will see mass civil unrest which none of us should want but is clearly brewing outside the Westminster bubble.

    Meanwhile we have a democratically elected Tory making light of the fact that a candidate in the upcoming Euro elections has had milkshake thrown over him twice.

    When Jeremy Corbyn had an egg thrown at him, the thrower got 28 days in prison but Tory, Johnny Mercer thinks there has been too much fuss over ‘Milkshake gate' and Tommy Robinson.

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    You do not have to agree with any of Tommy's views to realise that it cannot be acceptable to condone or dismiss any violent attack on a candidate in an election.

    Just like John Prescott all those years ago Tommy had every right to give the milkshake thrower a couple of jabs. This was common assault and let's be honest the cup could have contained acid in it or he could have had a knife.

    The guy should be arrested and sent down.

    But there is as much chance of this happening as there is that Farage will give up his beloved pints of real ale.

    Attacks on anyone on the right are somehow acceptable in ‘modern caring sharing inclusive' Britain and indeed around the globe.

    And not just physical attacks. This double standard is now being imposed on social media too. The overnight banning of people like Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, and Milo Yiannopoulous and other right of centre commentators from Facebook is an Orwellian nightmare and clearly an attack on free speech and free expression. It is them today, it will be my good friend, Raheem Kassam tomorrow and who knows when it will be me and you?

    Who are these new Tech Oligarchs and who allowed them to grow and take all our data and now act as the modern-day book burners. We should all know where this will end.

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    Already, ordinary people are self-censoring as they know the HR departments of the companies they work for or may want to work for in the future are now appointing themselves as ‘virtual Lord Chamberlains' checking what each and every person is writing or even liking on Twitter and Facebook. This is terrifying and reminiscent of those wartime propaganda posters of ‘Walls have ears.'

    Let's now throw into the political melting pot the disgraceful way that Theresa May was planning and is planning to let the Chinese run the new 5G networks.

    This is a crazy idea and the threat to national security does not come from hapless ex-defence minister, Gavin Williamson, but rather from giving a potential enemy the ability to cripple our nation at some point in the future.

    I have no real time for Williamson. I think he is a buffoon and I called him the Frank Spencer of UK politics when during the ridiculous Skripal saga he told the Russians. "just stop it." I am sure Mr Putin is still shaking… with laughter at this childish rebuke.

    However, I have tremendous sympathy for Williamson at the moment. Theresa May has again, as she did with Russia and Putin during the Skripal saga, convened her Kangaroo court and decided who is guilty without providing enough substantial evidence for us all to examine.

    Putin was the fall guy to back up her frankly ridiculous narrative about the poisoning of ex —spy, Skripal and his innocent daughter now Williamson has seen his career and personal reputation sacrificed on the altar of Theresa May keeping her hands on the levers of power.

    I agree with the ‘Witch Hunter General', Tom Watson: let's bring in the cops to investigate because it is only fair that Williamson is given the real chance to clear his name.

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    Whether he is the leaker or not is also frankly immaterial, the British public have a right to know just how out of control Theresa May is becoming. She is only in control of the cabinet and the country in her own deluded mind.

    The clear plain facts are that the UK is rudderless and the only people who seem to be attempting any form or navigation are the corrupt puppet masters of the Undemocratic EU, that the majority of us voted OVER 3 YEARS AGO to get out of.

    Election Guru, Sir John Curtice is summing up today's election and the mood of the people as "a plague on both your houses."

    This is a phrase I have been using in these columns for months now.

    The People are fed up of being lied to, ignored and dismissed by the Establishment elite.

    We are Lions led by complete and utter donkeys with an absolute Ass in Number 10 and a Marxist mule in opposition.

    If May and Corbyn now betray us, the people, again and stitch up a shoddy customs deal to keep us in the EU I am afraid people will be throwing more than just milk shakes at politicians and all that people like Johnny Mercer will be having is smug smirk literally and metaphorically wiped off his face.

    The self-serving pigs will only have themselves to blame when the UK burns.

    The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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