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    Human Rights for Terrorists?!

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    Jon Gaunt

    Please forgive me Saint Shami Chakrabarti but I am finding it difficult to worry about the human right of the Beatles. No, not the mop haired singers from Liverpool but the remaining two savages who, along with Jihadi John, turned beheading prisoners into a televised event.

    At long last we seem to have a Home Secretary who has a pair and isn’t afraid to put them on the line. Sajid Javid has made it clear to the USA, in a letter, that he will not object if “British citizens”, Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elshiekh if found guilty are executed.

    Good man Sajid!

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    But what’s that we hear? Oh yes, the bleating of Shami, Labour's shadow Attorney General, saying that Javid had "secretly and unilaterally abandoned Britain's opposition to the death penalty" and appeared to be encouraging "this grave human rights abuse".

    Correct and about time too Ms Chakrabarti. 

    These two savages lost their human rights when they left the UK to fight for Daesh, just like any other traitor should who went to Syria, including the so-called Jihad brides. 

    Perhaps Shami and her ilk have forgotten the video of USA journalist, James Foley, kneeling in the sand wearing an orange jump suit, with his hands behind his back. 

    Has she forgotten his short statement condemning the US government before being beheaded on camera?

    That was only the beginning of their video nasty as then these barbarians held up another hostage, Steven Sotloff and a terrorist with a clear British accent said straight to the camera, “This American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision”.

    He too was beheaded.

    Month after month this gang of four British Jihadists uploaded video after video of them beheading hostages including British aid worker, David Haines and of course Alan Henning the British taxi driver who had been trying to help in Syria by delivering aid.

    There is also plenty of intelligence implicating them in the murder of these two British citizens, backed up by statements from 600 witnesses collected by our Police and the FBI.

    I don’t think there can be a single person in the UK who is going to even blink if these two are sent to Guantanamo or hopefully to “Old Sparky” and in fact, to use a cliché, I would imagine there are many of us who would be willing to plug the chair in.

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    However, one British citizen apart from Shami, would also appear to not agree and that is Theresa May. Fresh from selling us down the river and betraying us on Brexit, this woman who cut 20 thousand Police jobs when she was Home Secretary, has now let it be known, via her mealy-mouthed spokeswoman that, the UK has a “long standing position to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle” 

    What is wrong with this woman? The first duty of any Government and any leader is the protection of its citizens isn’t it?

    However, when you dig deeper into this shoddy disgraceful betrayal it actually gets worse as the only reason these two "ex-UK citizens” are going to have to be tried in the USA is because we have not got laws to deal with them if they returned here and there is a chance they could walk. It is almost as if there is one law for us and another for Jihadists!

    Because despite all the tough talk at least 700 returning Jihadists have not been stripped of their UK citizenship as they should have been. As far as I am concerned whenever a UK citizen leaves Luton, Birmingham or any other Jihadis stronghold to fight in Syria it should be a one-way ticket to their Islamist Caliphate with no return flight allowed.

    If we don’t take them out in the field with a drone as we did with Jihadi John then we should hand them over to the Syrian Government and Assad to deal with and not give a fig about their so-called human rights. 

    Instead we have a position where we actually broadcast a propaganda film for them earlier this year where one of them, Elsheikh, said the "illegal" withdrawal of their UK citizenship put them at risk of "rendition and torture". Forgive me what did they do to Alan Henning and their other victims? 

    The bleating continued though with no hint of irony, "Being taken to any foreign land and treated in any way and having nobody to vouch for you.”

    Aah Diddums are you feeling sorry for this murdering scum yet?

    How about this how? How can your heart be hardened to this plea?  “When you have these two guys who don't even have any citizenship… if we just disappear one day, where is my mum going to go and say where is my son?"

    The film ended with them saying that they could have "no fair trial when I am 'the Beatle' in the media".

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    Their first beheading victim’s mum, Diane Foley replied saying she wasn't interested in their opinions and doubted the sincerity of what they had said.

    "I am interested in them being held accountable for their horrific crimes and right now, they look like they're on vacation, I know it's complicated, but if someone doesn't take the leadership and take them to trial I fear they'll get away."

    Well, I thank god that Donald Trump and Jeff Session will show leadership and hopefully justice will be served but it still begs the question, what will the Terrorist’s “friend” Theresa do about the other 700 who are back living amongst us?

    No doubt once again we will be told not to Look back in Anger when more little girls are slaughtered at a pop concert by a returning Jihadist flashing his British passport and bragging about his human rights.

    Do you remember when the Conservative Party was the party of law and order?

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect Sputnik’s official position.

    *Daesh (also called IS/ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State) — is a terrorist group banned in Russia.


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