11:15 GMT +319 January 2020
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    I don't know about the Windrush but this government is beginning to resemble a Political Titanic.

    Three conclusions from the Windrush fiasco:

    1. Children of the Windrush are 100 percent British Citizens.
    2. Amber Rudd is despicable, deluded and a disastrous Home Secretary and should be sacked.
    3. The buck stops with Theresa May who was Home Secretary when this racist anti Commonwealth deportation policy started. She should go too.

    However, "Captain May" is weak and deluded and seems intent like the Titanic Captain to go down with the ship, but this ship hasn't just hit one iceberg it has hit several.

    Amber Rudd and Theresa May along with the incompetent London Labour Mayor have been largely responsible for the murder spree and knife crime blighting our capital city and none of these idiots seem to have a clue how to cure it, meanwhile the body bags pile up.

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    Theresa May is so weak politically that she cannot afford to sack Amber Rudderless just like she has to put up with bungling Boris Johnson.

    Remember it was Theresa May who cut the police by 20 thousand jobs and enabled the streets to be taken over by the feral, feckless and downright dangerous.

    As Home Secretary she was directly responsible for these savage cop cuts which many, myself included, said would end in escalating crime.

    It was the same mind set of "knowing the price of everything but the value of nothing" that led to these attacks on the Windrush generation.

    Let's be straight we invited these people from the Commonwealth to come and live in the UK and help rebuild our Country but they seem to have less rights than someone who has conned and lied their way into the UK in the back of a lorry.

    The truth is, of course, when these Commonwealth citizens did arrive in the country they were treated terribly by many of the British population and were subjected to enormous racism. By and large though this West Indian Community have fitted into Britain and contributed, massively to our nation. They are truly British. So, it is abhorrent that so many are now being treated as if they are illegal immigrants.

    Amber Rudd's performance in the Commons was a disgrace as she tried to push the blame on to Home Office Officials and civil servants.

    If Theresa May had any political balls she should have sacked her immediately. But of course, she couldn't sack her as she is so weak but also, she knew and we know that she, Mrs May, was actually the architect of this policy. She was the Home Secretary when vital landing documents were shredded that could have saved such heartache and injustice she should now be taking a long hard look in the mirror and considering her own position.

    Just think about this would have felt when people who have lived in Britain for decades were threatened with deportation.

    Windrush immigrants have told how they lost their jobs, been locked up in Detention centres, were scared that they could lose their homes.

    Some even say they were driven to the point of suicide after they were threatened with deportation. A 61-year-old special needs teacher was locked up in Yarlswood detention centre and was threatened with deportation back to Jamaica, a country she hasn't visited in 50 years.

    This treatment of British citizens is shaming to the whole of the UK.

    Please be aware that this isn't just a few people, as we were first told. There are estimates that up to 57,000 Commonwealth-born people who arrived in the UK before 1971 could be affected by this scandal.

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    It is hard to argue with St Kitts and Nevis foreign minister Mark Brantley who said:

    "Your Prime Minister, Theresa May, is perhaps best placed to deal with this fiasco because clearly she was Home Secretary when many of the rules went into effect that now are having these disastrous consequences for so many people."

    I talked about being ashamed of being British due to their actions of May and Johnson over Salisbury and the bombing of Syria in a previous column and now we have this national shame?!

    Amber Rudd and Theresa May think that an apology to the Commonwealth Leaders is enough, well sorry, I don't. These buffoons have shamed our Great Nation and Theresa May should make a public apology to the whole of the Country and then specifically to the individual British citizens who have been so cruelly abused by this useless Government.

    The views of Jon Gaunt do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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