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    U.S. President Donald Trump looks on following a swearing-in ceremony for Defense Secretary James Mattis at the Pentagon in Washington, U.S., January 27, 2017.

    Backstage at the Trump vs. Deep State Cage Match

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    Pepe Escobar

    The real story behind The Fall of Michael Flynn has been confirmed by a highly informed US insider, who has previously detailed how the Trump presidency's foreign policy will unfold.

    The day breaks behind the White House in Washington,DC
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    According to the insider, which I named "X", "Flynn was removed because he was agitating for a strike against Iran which would have had disastrous consequences. That would have led to Iranian strikes against Western oil supplies in the Middle East, raising Russia's economic power as the oil price would have soared to over $200 a barrel, and the EU would have had to join the Russian-Chinese block, or not be able to obtain sufficient energy to survive. The United States would have been completely isolated."

    When still on the job as National Security Adviser, Flynn, on the record, had already put Iran "on notice". That was, for all practical purposes, a virtual declaration of war. "X" expands on the ramifications: "Turkey is the key here, and Turkey wants a deal with Iran. The key danger to NATO is Turkey, as it does not control Serbia, and Turkey-Serbia undermines Romania and Bulgaria in an outflanking maneuver to the southern-southeastern part of NATO. Serbia linked to Russia in WWI and Turkey linked with Germany. Tito linked with Russia in WWII and Turkey was neutral. If Turkey, Serbia, Russia link together, NATO is outflanked. Russia is linked to Iran. Turkey is linking to Russia and Iran after what Erdogan perceives was a failed CIA coup attempt against him. All this was way beyond the capacity of Flynn to handle."

    "X" maintains that the Obama administration opening towards Iran, which led to the nuclear deal, was essentially a tactic to undermine Russia's Gazprom – assuming an Iran-Iraq gas pipeline would be built all the way to Turkey and then connected to EU markets.

    Yet this major Pipelineistan gambit would have needed major investment and years to be completed. In parallel, from the start, Tehran increased its energy sales to Eurasian neighbors and especially China. The end result could only have been the ratcheting up of US-Iran "tension". Flynn may have indeed been "out of his depth", as "X" defined it, on how to deal with the hyper-complex Southwest Asia chessboard.

    "X", against a virtual Beltway consensus, insists, "the rapprochement to Russia was not dependent on Flynn. It is dependent on those who supervise Trump, and they put him in there for the purpose of shifting towards Russia. The deep state conflict is irrelevant. These are pros who know how and when to change policy. They have the goods on anyone who is in a high position and can destroy them at will. Flynn was in their way and now he is out."

    "X" reveals once again what makes the Pentagon squirm as far as Russia is concerned: "Russia is not an economic threat to the US. Its manufacturing base is centered on military production. It has developed since the [late 1990s] Belgrade bombing into the greatest military power in the world in terms of self-defense. Its defensive missiles seal its air space and its offensive ICBMs are the most advanced in the world. The recently tested US defensive missile placed in Romania is nearly worthless despite a fake, staged success for European consumption and to hold NATO together. Russia is a natural ally to the US. The US will shift to Russia and Flynn's departure is relatively meaningless except for its entertainment value."

    Taking out Trump

    Now compare this analysis with the CIA spin duly relayed by stenographers across US corporate media, pointing to a vicious internal battle in the Trump administration. A battle there was, indeed, and US intel was delighted to help out since these ops never liked Flynn, and vice-versa.

    Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (File)
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    Add to the intel octopus Obama loyalists such as pathetic former advisor Ben Rhodes plus assorted deep state ops, retired or otherwise. It gets curiouser and curiouser when even neocon Michael Ledeen, who co-wrote the Islamophobic opus The Field of Fight with Flynn, laments that his political assassination was carried out by "a cabal of CIA officials and Obama loyalists, in tandem with allies in the media."

    For all practical purposes, the most powerful deep state neocon/neoliberalcon factions did launch a covert op to take out Flynn and keep going to eventually take out Trump – pursuing every possible impeachment avenue further on down the road. Whatever the deep strategy of the real Masters as detailed by "X", Trump does face a formidable axis of deep state neocons/neoliberalcons, the CIA, neoliberal corporate media from CNN to the Washington Post, and the still-functioning Clinton machine.

    What would have been the ultimate game-changer – a real reset with Russia – may be on evidence, imperiled, despite the analysis by "X". Or, and that's way more enticing, we could be right in the middle of a very sophisticated wayang shadowplay – performance, as the Masters, according to Kissinger's prescriptions, do ultimately plan to align with Russia to challenge and break up Eurasia integration, which is essentially carried out by the Russia-China-Iran strategic partnership.

    Meanwhile, we have nasty diversions such as that ghastly, senile senatorial duo McCain-Graham urging Kiev, earlier this year, to go on another war drive against the Donetsk People's Republic – while stirring the galleries to blame it all on President Putin.

    HR McMaster himself, the new National Security Adviser, may be a tactical diversion cleverly set up by Team Trump. McMaster is quintessential politically correct deep state status quo; he frames Russia as "an adversary", true to standard Pentagon doctrine that considers Russia as much as an "existential threat" as China.

    So it's too early to unequivocally state the neocons have knocked Trump out. We're in the middle of a vicious deep state/US elites fratricidal cage match. This was largely predictable, even before the final result of the US presidential election.

    "X" is fundamentally correct when he stresses Trump was supported by the Masters to reorient/reorganize/reboost the whole Empire of Chaos project. The extra $54 billion bump on military spending was long planned. "T. Rex" Tillerson, quietly, has already decimated half of the Obama administration’s State Dept; that's swamp cleaning in a nutshell. Big Oil and a substantial sector of the industrial-military complex are firmly behind Trump. These interests already know demonizing Russia is bad for business.

    The losing axis though will continue to wreak havoc as the current chaos develops as enhanced shadowplay. Machiavelli/Richelieu Steve Bannon may have given the game away – in code – when he hints this is a process of creative destruction leading to a completely new form of power structure in the US. Under these circumstances, Flynn was just a pawn. And make no mistake; dour neo-Machiavelli and his glittering Prince are firmly set in for the long game.

    The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Sputnik.


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      Pepe says: ""X" is fundamentally correct when he stresses Trump was supported by the Masters to reorient/reorganize/reboost the whole Empire of Chaos project." But just what is that project? It's the attempt to attain Full Spectrum Dominance over the planet and its people--the same "game" since GHW Bush declared the New World Order in 1990 as spelled out in Global Vision 2020, which is still the primary imperial policy document of the Outlaw US Empire. Trump has NOT repudiated its goals, and through his admin's actions clearly continues its pursuit.
    • avatar
      You just can' t make this stuff up....another great read....we need to get Pepe together with Chris Carter from X files!
    • Drain the swamp
      The key to the kerfuffle was the US State Dept nudelmans "Maidan" betrayal of Russia in Ukraine, 11,000 ethnic Russians are dead. The "yevgeny primakov" arrangement whereby the jews within the Russian establishment would arrange for Russia to be in the good books of the West (in return for eg Russia pressure on Iran S300,etc) with their Kissinger crowd at the State Dept is OVER. When the ruble was under intense pressure it was the powerful PRC Central Bank that stopped the rot with a timely intervention, The Chinese (and the Japanese and the Koreans and the........) are all well aware their economic/population power will eclipse the US in 20 years, only the great satan has to be prevented from turning the Far East into a war zone like the ME-the only way the US can maintain its superiority. A burning of the new Library of Alexandria that has arisen in the East if you will.
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      Like Kennedy said, "those that prevent peaceful change make violent change inevitable. " The two current parties will be swept away when enough people wake up to the fact that the financial and military industries here are both parasitic. Both criminal organizations are unnecessary and waste precious resources for a few bankers, military officers, and the 1%.
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      Great article, Pepe. The proof for me that Trump is in complete control was his news conference after Flynn was fired. Trump has crazy confidence and he's smart. Most guys would be panicking, but Trump was toying with Deep State media, actually taunting them. Trump is in this to win and he's smart.
    • avatar
      At last an article on Sputnik, that interests me. Hallelujah and sorry Sputnik, but, things are seriously going down hill.
    • avatar
      Having read Escobar for a lengthy period of time, I suspect he has a more accurate rendering of what's going on between the Trump Team and The Deep State.
    • avatar
      chelsea52in reply tokarlof1(Show commentHide comment)
      I don't understand where Trump & Team is going, either. "Full Spectrum Dominance" has been the Neo-Conservative's mantra for over 25 years. They call it "global dominance." The Obama administration crawled with neo-cons, especially in the State Department. Not sure where Trump is going. Maybe they know something about the growing conglomerate (trade) of China/Russia (even Japan) and Iran. Nothing spells a "death knell" faster for "an empire" when its currency is under attack, or about to be.
    • avatar
      There is only one set of Masters running the Judaic New World Order. Trump has important plsyers on his side, but I doubt they are his masters. It is more credible that Peepee, with his mysterious X, has a string-puller than does Trump.
    • Washington 76
      Feb 14, 2017 Intel community trying to undermine Trump's presidency?

      Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) on Gen. Michael Flynn resigning as President Trump's National Security Advisor and the divide between the intelligence community and Trump.

    • avatar
      For years, even decades, the US tried to get China to go along with the defeat/dismemberment of Russia. They even dangled as an incentive huge new territories of the Russian far east for China. China never bit and indeed sided with Russia. With Xi Jinping`s speech in July 2016 in which he said that the "Key to the new world order will be the Russia/China union", the US, primarily the manipulative Kissingerites, saw where the world was going and realized they had to try something drastically new to preserve their global suzerainty. The rise of Trump is merely the US picking up the chess board and flinging the pieces everywhere when they saw that they were losing, and trying a whole new kind of game. Now they are going to try to get Russia to go along with the defeat/dismemberment of China. I have the greatest respect for Escobar as one of my favorite columnists, but i don`t think the gap between the masters and deep-state is as great as he suggests. They are all working toward the same goal, global US dominance, and are willing to try each other`s plans to achieve that.
      Russia and China`s response should be to just move forward together as two modern states and to tell the US to forget about its manipulative, childish Kissingerian or Brzezinskian plans. Tell them they can join in the move toward a peaceful prosperous future if they want, but there will be no more wars of hegemony started by them a la Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, et al.
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      karlof1in reply tochelsea52(Show commentHide comment)
      chelsea52, Thanks for your reply! Gaining background knowledge helps understand what's currently happening. I highly suggest reading the several volumes by William Appleman Williams dealing with the Outlaw US Empire: <I>The Contours of American History, 1961; The Roots of the Modern American Empire: A Study of the Growth and Shaping of Social Consciousness in a Marketplace Society, 1969; Empire as a Way of Life: An Essay on the Causes and Character of America's Present Predicament, Along With a Few Thoughts About an Alternative, 1980.</I> The latter volume is rather illuminating as it explains the public clamoring for an expansionistic foreign policy not soon after the US Civil War that has yet to come to a conclusion. As Charles Beard pointed out over 100 years ago, the underlying problem exists within the 1787 constitution, and its modification or nullification is required to end the reign of the Outlaw US Empire, IMO.
    • avatar
      I'm more than consciously aware of American history and how both The Deep State in D.C. act in concert with the corrupted US financial hegemons. The twin pillars of American aggression can be summed up in these terms: "Manifest Destiny" (pull yourself up by the bootstraps & create your own destiny) and "World Hegemony" as espoused by the fanatical NEO-CONS in D.C.
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      Wow, some great thinkers in here, but they miss the point, its imperialism
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