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    Alternative Facts Meet Grocery Fraud

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    During his Tuesday rally in Tampa, Florida, US President (and faithful Twitter user) Donald Trump spurred the hashtag #TrumpGroceryStores by claiming American citizens needed their “picture on a card” in order to purchase groceries.

    Alternative Facts Meet Grocery Fraud

    Amid the US climate of Russophobia and illegal immigration fears, Trump turned to a topic that proved to be a surefire crowdpleaser during his 2016 presidential campaign: voter ID requirements.

    However, the US president's approach to discussing the topic puzzled viewers at home. In an attempt to relate to the everyday citizen, Trump claimed individuals in the US are required to present a valid photo ID when purchasing groceries.

    While The Donald probably hasn't set foot in a grocery store since Trump Steaks were discontinued in 2007, supporters at the Tampa rally applauded his alternative facts without missing a beat.

    In addition to a viral hashtag, Trump's remarks also complicated Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' job, as she was forced to channel her inner Neo once questions relating to Trump's grocery history became the hot topic. While Sanders tried to halt the conversation by highlighting ID requirements for beer and wine purchases, one reporter countered her argument with Donald Trump's alleged lifelong sobriety.

    "He's not saying every time he went in — he said 'when you go to the grocery store'" clarified the press secretary. She even went on suggest individuals focus their attention on stores not asking for identification when selling alcohol, rather than Trump's shopping habits.


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