19:03 GMT +324 May 2018
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    Back to the Drawing Board?

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    On Monday, former President Barack Obama unveiled his official portrait, revealing the work of the first African-American artists commissioned for the Smithsonian’s portraits collection. Not everyone is feeling the outcome.

    Back to the Drawing Board?

    Beginning in the late 1990s with George HW Bush, the Smithsonian has collected presidential portraits for posterity. Keeping with tradition, the Obamas recently added theirs to the exhibit during a Monday reveal which also highlighted the artists, Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley.

    While the paintings represented firsts all around, vocal netizens did not hold their tongues when questioning their aesthetic quality.

    Despite both Michelle and Barack's admiration of the paintings, it was widely pointed out that Michelle's portrait does not even resemble the former first lady. In addition, many also found Barack's garden backdrop to be an odd representation of the 44th president's legacy.


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