02:29 GMT08 July 2020
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    In a win for the embattled administration of US President Donald Trump, federal regulations surrounding some of the more obscure rulings on food production in the nation may be eased, including standards on cherry pie and canned peas.

    The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under Trump may soon gut many health and quality regulations for food production in the US, including for cottage cheese and how many cherries must be in packed frozen cherry-pie products, according to the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

    In potentially fulfilling one of Trump's less well-known election promises of corporate deregulation, the FDA may soon revoke the frozen cherry pie standards, as well as lifting a food-grade standard for so-called French Dressing.

    Intended to ensure food quality and the public health, FDA production standards were decreed many decades ago, although industry giants have long sought to overturn what they view as unnecessarily-stringent rules.

    As an example, among the many thousand FDA food standards is a rule that requires food manufacturers to use 25 percent cherries by weight in the total weight of a pie, as well as ensuring that no more than 15 percent of those cherries are blemished, according to SCMP.

    But many FDA standards appear to be arbitrary, according to industry leaders, and some food regulations see giant factory-food multinationals complaining of lawsuits and a stifling of innovation. Under the Trump administration, the industry has increased pressure to remove many food production regulations in the US.

    Under Trump, diary producers have also notably demanded that the definition of milk in the US be reimagined, as plant-based products increasingly use the term ‘milk' in describing soy-, rice-, hemp-, cashew-, and almond-based liquids.


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